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Plan ahead Updated: 3:14 p.m., Thu. Jul. 30, 2015

With temperatures expected to climb past 100 today, stay hydrated and plan ahead for delays. MAX trains slow to no more than 35 mph when temps top 100. WES trains slow to 30 mph in 95+ temps. If the heat exceeds 105, Portland and Western Railroad will not allow WES to run and service will be provided by shuttle buses. Learn more

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You can type in an address, intersection, landmark or Stop ID here.


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The quickest trips usually involve transferring between buses and trains and walking a short distance. You can choose 'fewest transfers' if you prefer not to transfer, but your trip will probably take longer.

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Most trips involve a combination of buses and trains. You can specify bus-only or train-only, but keep in mind that some trips may not be possible as a result.

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"I am new to the area and have never experienced drivers as friendly as the ones at TriMet. It makes riding public transit a relaxing experience."