TriMet Advisory Committees

TriMet Board Finance & Audit Committee

This three-member committee advises the Board of Directors with oversight of TriMet’s financial strategy and objectives, the integrity of TriMet’s financial statements, the independent auditor’s qualifications and independence, and TriMet’s enterprise risk issues, programs, management practices and initiatives to ensure that systems and risk management tools are in place and functioning effectively.


  • Craig Prosser, TriMet Board Member, Chair
  • Bruce Warner, TriMet Board President
  • Travis Stovall, TriMet Board Member


Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT)

Formed in 1985 to advise the TriMet Board of Directors and staff on plans, policies and programs for seniors and people with disabilities.

CAT has 15 community members: seven seniors and/or people with disabilities who use TriMet, six representatives of seniors and/or people with disabilities and one local government representative, as well as one member of the TriMet Board of Directors. All CAT members are appointed by the TriMet Board president for a two-year term.

Together with TriMet staff, CAT develops an annual work plan to identify major issues and prioritize the year’s activities. The work plan helps CAT balance their work agenda with available time and determine subcommittee assignments. Meetings are open to the public and testimony is taken.

Primary TriMet Staff Contact: Kathy Miller
Chair: Jan Campbell
Advises: TriMet Board of Directors


General Manager’s Budget Task Force (Inactive)

An ad-hoc committee was organized in 2011 to advise TriMet on how to prioritize the FY13 TriMet budget cuts. Committee membership is appointed by the General Manager and represents a broad cross section of the community, including the Portland Business Alliance, The Black Parent Initiative, former and current TriMet Board members, and other business and community organizations.

Meetings are not open to the public, but the Task Force presents recommendations to the General Manager and shares their findings with a Board at a Board Briefing or Meeting and final reports are placed on the TriMet website.

Primary TriMet Staff Contact: Sandy Vinci
Chair: Luann Pelton
Advises: TriMet General Manager

Budget Task Force documents


  • Luann Pelton
  • Jan Campbell
  • Cynthia Chilton
  • Sarah Dammen
  • Peter Lizotte
  • Sandra McDonough
  • Victor Merced
  • Charles McGee
  • Craig Prosser
  • Barbara Ramirez Spencer
  • Paul Schlesinger
  • Bob Williams


Transit Equity & Access Advisory Committee (TEAC)

The Transit Equity & Access Advisory Committee is made up of a diverse cross-section of community leaders. The 14-member panel, created in May 2013, meets monthly to provide input and guidance to TriMet’s General Manager on fairness and equity considerations. The committee advises TriMet on elements of equitable transportation, including:

  • Meaningful public involvement in planning and decisionmaking
  • Public accountability and financial transparency
  • Ensure benefits and burdens are distributed equally across all income levels

Transit Equity & Access Advisory Committee scope of work:

  • Provide a forum for review and discussion of TriMet service, including planning, Title VI, environmental justice, operational and capital investments
  • Review TriMet budget choices and challenges
  • Recommend strategies and ideas for improved service to transit-dependent populations
  • Help share information about transportation serviceds to community-based organizations, social service agencies and the community at large within the TriMet District

Primary TriMet Staff Contact: John Gardner, Carl Green, Jr.
Chair: Roberta Hunte, Judi Martin
Advises: TriMet General Manager


TriMet’s General Manager appoints members to TEAC after consultation with community leaders. Members serve 18-month terms and may be reappointed for an additional term.

  • Andre Baugh
    President/Chairman, Group AGB. LTD; Portland Planning Commission
  • Dr. T. Allen Bethel
    TriMet Board Liaison
  • Stephen Butler
    City of Gresham Planning Commission, Chair
  • Bridget Dazey
    Executive Director, Clackamas Workforce Partnership
  • Heidi Guenin
    Executive Director, Sustainable Transportation Council
  • Roberta Hunte
    Chairman of the Board, OPAL Environmental Justice
  • Hannah Kelly
    Multnomah Youth Commission
  • Dylan Kenney
    Multnomah Youth Commission
  • Anneliese Koehler
    Public Policy Advocate, Oregon Food Bank
  • Andrea Marquez
    Youth Development Coordinator, City of Portland
  • Julia Metz
    Business Services Project Manager, Clackamas Workforce Partnership
  • Ana Meza
    ROSE Community Development Corporation
  • Nicole Phillips
    OPAL Environmental Justice, Bus Riders Unite
  • Rebecca Stavenjord
    East County Community Liaison, Multnomah County
  • Holly Sullins
    Development Associate, JOIN


TriMet Safety Education Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Safety Education Advisory committee (SEAC) is to help strengthen community presence and promotion of safety programs and services by bringing together community representatives who have an active interest and stake in helping make our streets safe, to share ideas and create leverage for effective strategies to raise awareness and promote safe behavior for pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicles around buses and trains. The Committee meets quarterly and meetings are not open to the public.

Primary TriMet Staff Contact: Rhonda Danielson
Advises: TriMet General Manager and TriMet Staff

Safety Education Advisory Committee Charter PDF


  • Marie Dodds, AAAOregon/Idaho
  • Kristie Gladhill, ODOT Region 1
  • Joanne Hatch, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
  • Janet Hawkins, Hayhurst Neighborhood Association/SW Neighborhoods
  • Kim Haughn, Washington County Land Use & Transportation
  • JoAnne Herrigel, Elders in Action
  • Claudia Howells, Operation Lifesacer
  • Carl Larson, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • Patty McMillan, Clackamas County Safe Communities
  • Noel Mickleberry, OregonWalks
  • Storm Smith, Hillsboro Fire & Rescue
  • Sondra Storm, Multnomah County
  • Casey Waleticc, Hillsboro School District
  • Grady Wheeler, City of Milwaukie
  • Sharon White, Portland Bureau of Transportation
  • Kayt Zundel, OHSU


Special Transportation Fund Advisory Committee (STFAC)

Appointed by the TriMet Board of Directors to advise TriMet by making informed recommendations about the distribution of grants funded by the State of Oregon’s Special Transportation Fund (STF) and the Federal Transit Administration’s Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Older Adults and Individuals with Disabilities. The STFAC also helps develop the Coordinated Transportation Plan for Older Adults and People with Disabilities (CTP). The plan sets forth the priorities for new older adults and disabled transportation services. More than one-half of the STFAC is comprised of older adults and/or people with disabilities representing geographic diversity in the tri-county area. Meetings are held two to six times a year, depending on need and are open to the public.

Effective on October 1, 2012, MAP-21 authorized significant changes to FTA programs. The New Freedom (5317) program has been repealed under MAP-21 and consolidated under other programs; New Freedom (5317) programs are eligible under Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Older Adults and Individuals with Disabilities.

Primary TriMet Staff Contact: Hannah Quinsey
Co-Chairs: Jan Campbell and Claudia Robertson
Advises: TriMet Board of Directors


Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Advisory Committee

The JARC Advisory Committee reports directly to TriMet, the regional JARC applicant and administrator. It is a regional body of public jurisdictions, social service providers, and transportation professionals that assist TriMet with implementation and oversight of the Regional JARC Program. The Committee advises TriMet on the content of the Regional JARC Plan and the implementation of its related strategies. The JARC Advisory Committee convenes biennially to assist TriMet with the competitive solicitation for projects. Projects are selected by TriMet, under the guidance of the Advisory Committee. The JARC informational kick-off meeting is held in January. This is an open invitation solicited via the TriMet website and email distribution inviting the public to attend and learn about the JARC program and application process for the new grant cycle and to ask any questions they may have. All JARC meetings are held at Metro offices. The application presentation and Committee scoring meeting is held in March at Metro offices. This meeting is also an open invitation to the public solicited via the TriMet website and email distribution.

Effective on October 1, 2012, MAP-21 authorized significant changes to FTA programs. The JARC (5316) program has been repealed under MAP-21 and consolidated under other programs; JARC programs are now eligible under two other consolidated programs – Urbanized Area Formula Grants (5307) and Rural Area Formula Grants (5311).

Primary TriMet Staff Contact: Hannah Quinsey
Chair: None
Advises: TriMet Staff


Tri-County Transportation Advisory Group (TCTAG)

The Tri-County Transportation Advisory Committee (TCTAG) was created to meet the requirements of TriMet’s IGA with DMAP for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. The objective of the group is to improve and maintain the quality of the Medical Transportation Program by advising the Department of Medical Assistance Programs (DMAP) and Tri-Met on the plans, policies and programs of the medical transportation brokerage system. The core membership consists of DHS "Point Persons" and "Agency Representatives" who are appointed by their applicable state agencies. The Group meets on the 3rd Thursday of every other month and meetings are open to the public. Meeting notices are published on the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) public meeting notice website, as well as TriMet’s website. No testimony is taken.

Primary Staff Contact: Gail Bauhs
Chair: Mary Rumbaugh, Clackamas County Mental Health
Advises: TriMet Staff


Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project Steering Committee

Representatives from project partner agencies and jurisdictions provide advice and counsel to project leadership. The Steering Committee met quarterly at the beginning of the project and now meets on an as-needed basis.


  • Jim Bernard, Clackamas County Commissioner
  • Dan Blocher, TriMet Capital Project Executive Director
  • Carlotta Collette, Metro Councilor
  • Dave Edwards, Chair of PMLR Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Charlie Hales, Portland Mayor
  • Deborah Kafoury, Multnomah County Commissioner
  • Neil McFarlane, TriMet General Manager
  • Wilda Parks, Milwaukie Interim Mayor
  • Rian Windsheimer, Region 1 Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation


Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project Citizens Advisory Committee

Stakeholders representing businesses, residents, neighborhood groups and advocacy organizations impacted by the project provide advice and feedback on project direction. The Citizens Advisory Committee met monthly for the first four years of the project and currently meets every other month.


  • Barbara Anderson, Oak Grove resident; Waldorf School
  • David Aschenbrenner, Hector Campbell Neighborhood
  • Ray Bryan, Historic Milwaukie Neighborhood
  • Valerie Chapman, Oak Grove resident
  • David Edwards, Oak Grove resident
  • Catherine Goode, Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood
  • Neil Hankerson, Milwaukie business person
  • Greg Hemer, Milwaukie business person
  • Cindy Miguel, Island Station resident
  • Fred Nelligan, Oak Grove Community Council
  • Arnold Panitch, TriMet Committee on Accessible Transportation
  • Susan Pearce, Hosford-Abernathy Neighborhood Development
  • Terri Pucik, Sellwood-Moreland Improvement League
  • Valeria Ramirez, Portland Opera
  • Jeff Reaves, Central Eastside Industrial Council
  • Ian Stude, Portland State University
  • Dee Walsh, REACH Community Development


Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project Public Art Advisory Committee

Artists and community members select artists, review concept proposals for artwork and approve artwork final designs for the project. The Public Art Advisory Committee met monthly while choosing arts and concepts.


Accountability Committee

A five-member committee was formed in January 2014 to enhance the agency’s transparency efforts following a November 2013 resolution by the TriMet Board of Directors. Committee members are appointed by and report recommendations to the General Manager. The committee’s objectives include improving public access to TriMet information, particularly through TriMet’s Accountability web page at The committee will meet monthly throughout the first half of 2014 and at least twice a year thereafter.


  • Dr. T. Allen Bethel, TriMet Board of Directors
  • Shelley Devine, TriMet General Counsel
  • Darlene Gastineau, TriMet Manager Internal Audit
  • Martin Gonzalez, TriMet Manager of Multicultural Programs
  • Dave Whipple, TriMet Manager of Marketing and Rider Communications