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Heat Advisory Updated: 9:11 a.m., Mon. Jun. 29, 2015

High temperatures remain in the forecast this week. Please stay hydrated and plan ahead as MAX trains slow in some areas in 90+ temperatures and WES trains slow in 95+ temperatures. More info on how hot weather affects trains

MAX Light Rail Project History

MAX (Metropolitan Area Express) is TriMet's light rail system serving the Portland metropolitan area. The four MAX lines (Blue, Red, Yellow and Green) run on 52 miles of track and serve 85 stations.

A history of success

  • All five MAX projects (Eastside, Westside, Airport, Interstate and the Green Line) have been completed on or ahead of schedule, and on or under budget.
  • MAX ridership continues to grow.
  • MAX has become a national model for community support, land-use/transportation planning, public art and environmentally friendly construction practices.
  • More than $6 billion in development has occurred along MAX lines since the decision to build in 1978.
  • MAX takes cars off our roads, helps keep our air clean and preserves neighborhoods and livability.

Interstate MAX Yellow Line

Expo Center/City Center
MAX Yellow Line serves North Portland between City Center and the Expo Center via Interstate Avenue. Learn more

Airport MAX Red Line

Beaverton TC/Airport/City Center
An innovative public/private partnership created the first train-to-plane service on the West Coast. Learn more

Westside MAX Blue Line

Hillsboro/City Center
Westside MAX Blue Line connects Portland City Center with the western suburbs of Beaverton and Hillsboro. Learn more

Eastside MAX Blue Line

Gresham/City Center
The Portland area's first light rail line, Eastside MAX Blue Line connects Gresham with Portland City Center. Learn more

MAX Green Line

Clackamas Town Center/Portland State University
On TriMet's newest MAX line, you can go from Clackamas Town Center to downtown Portland in 39 minutes. Learn more