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Heat Advisory Updated: 6:16 a.m., Fri. Jul. 3, 2015

Plan ahead for a sizzling holiday weekend as a heat advisory remains in effect. In extreme temperatures, stay hydrated and expect possible delays as MAX trains slow in some areas in 90+ heat and trains systemwide slow in 100+ heat. WES trains also run slower in 95+ temperatures. Learn why

Airport MAX Red Line Project History

Airport MAX Red Line

Beaverton TC/Airport/City Center
  • Opened: Sept. 10, 2001
  • Length: 5.5 miles
  • Stations: 4
  • Construction: May 1999-Sept. 2001
  • Cost: $125 million


  • Connects airport with key destinations such as the Oregon Convention Center and Portland City Center
  • First train-to-plane transit service on the West Coast
  • Built through a unique public-private partnership
  • Funded by TriMet general fund (36%), Bechtel/CascadeStation Development Company, LLC (23%), Port of Portland (23%), and the City of Portland (18%): no federal dollars or new local taxes needed
  • Used existing transit right-of-way along I-205
  • Completed on schedule and within budget
  • Future transit-oriented development adjacent to I-205 (CascadeStation) expected to create 10,000 jobs
  • Ridership continues to grow