TriMet does not work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

TriMet does not and will not work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement on immigration enforcement. From time to time, false claims pop up involving TriMet, ICE and requesting immigration status information from our riders. These rumors are just that — rumors. They spark fear and hurt people who are part of, or close to, the immigrant community.

TriMet does not work with ICE or inquire about anyone’s immigration status. Oregon law prohibits it. The law also prohibits local law enforcement, including Transit Police officers, from working with ICE. It prevents police officers from detaining a person whose only offense is being in the country without proper documentation. TriMet staff and Transit Police conducting fare inspection and other code enforcement activities do not ask about a person’s immigration status.

Occasionally, Transit Police officers will ask riders for a valid form of identification. If riders do not have a state driver’s license or other ID, an officer may ask if the customer has a passport. This request is made only to determine the customer’s legal name and not part of any immigration enforcement activity.

As a sanctuary state, Oregon has policies in place that limit cooperation or involvement with federal immigration enforcement activities. Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties, which make up the TriMet service district, adopted additional protections to shield immigrants from ICE.

Our transit system belongs to all of us and everyone is welcome. Riders who believe they have experienced, witnessed or heard about activity by ICE on TriMet property are encouraged to report it immediately. In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1. Otherwise, contact TriMet Rider Support by phone or text at 503-238-RIDE (7433), on Twitter @trimethelp or through the Customer Service page at Note the line, location, time and vehicle number involved and when possible and safe, take a photo or get video, so that the claim can be thoroughly investigated. With all the rumors that have been spread in the past, no one has ever captured a photo or video.