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TriMet in the News


Portland, Ore., has been ahead of the innovation curve for a long time. The city created a Bicycle Plan in 1973; turned a freeway into a riverfront park in 1978 and built a light rail (instead of a new highway) in 1986."

CNNMoney, April 2015

With top-notch parks and transportation systems within easy walking distance, the city is an inaugural member of AARP's Network of Age-Friendly Communities."

AARP, April 2015

The City of Portland is a regional leader for greenhouse gas reduction and climate change mitigation. With support from 20 agency partners, Portland’s 2015 Climate Action Plan is a strategy to put the city on a path to achieve an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels."

Obama Administration, Climate Action Champions, December 2014

The [Downtown Portland Transit Mall revitalization] project successfully improved the region's transit core and enhanced vitality along the entire length of 5th and 6th Avenues..."

American Planning Association "Great Streets" Award, October 2014

Even as Portland has become a more popular destination for travelers, the records show, spending at local auto rental services has dropped... Portland's tourism boom is being driven in part by people who don't expect to use a car at all while they're here...", March 2014

Portland-area honors

#1 Transportation
Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 2015

#3 Most Innovative Cities
CNNMoney, 2015

#6 Easiest Cities to Get Around
AARP, 2015

#7 Most Livable Cities
AARP, 2015

#11 Access to Jobs by Transit
University of Minnesota, 2014

#1 Public Transportation
Travel + Leisure Magazine, 2007-14

#10 Best U.S. Cities for Public Transit, 2014

#10 Top World Cities
Rough Guides, 2014

#1 Fittest U.S. Cities
Men's Fitness Magazine, 2014

#3 Most Athletic/Active Cities
Travel + Leisure Magazine, 2014

#23 Most Livable Cities in the World
Monocle (UK), 2014

#15 Top U.S. Travel Destinations
TripAdvisor, 2014

#1 Most-Liked U.S. Cities
Money Journal, 2013

#1 America's 10 Best Cities
Movoto, 2013

#8 Smartest North American Cities
Fast Company, 2013

#1 America's Best Airports
Travel + Leisure Magazine, 2013

#2 Best Cities for Families to Visit
Parents Magazine, 2013

#1 Environmental Friendliness
Travel + Leisure Magazine, 2012

#3 Leadership in Clean Technology
Clean Edge Energy Research, 2012

#1 Greenest Cities in America
Tufts/Corporate Knights Magazine, 2012

#1 Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities
Bicycling Magazine, 2012

#2 Most Bikeable Large U.S. Cities, 2012

#10 U.S. Transit Systems, 2012

#1 America’s Greenest Cities
Travel + Leisure Magazine, 2012

#1 Hot 2011 Travel Destinations, 2012

#2 Best Cities to Live Car-Free
24/7 Wall St., 2011

#4 America’s Healthiest Cities
Forbes Magazine, 2011

#2 Top Sustainable U.S. Metro Areas
Site Selection Magazine, 2011

#7 Cities for Active Lifestyles, 2011

#5 Public Transportation
U.S. News & World Report, 2011

#1 Place to Ditch Your Car
Sunset Magazine, 2011

#2 World’s Most Livable Cities
International LivCom Awards, 2010

#1 Green U.S. Cities
American City Business Journals, 2010

#2 Top Time-Saving Cities, 2010

#1 Transportation to/from Airport
Travel & Leisure Magazine, 2009

#7 Cleanest U.S. Commutes, 2009

#2 Best Cities Awards
Cooking Light Magazine, 2009

#1 Most Sustainable U.S. Cities, 2008

#1 Greenest Cities in America
Popular Science, 2008

#10 Most Walkable Cities, 2008

We're seeing continued migration to the Pacific Northwest as young professionals and retirees are drawn to amenities, including public transit..."

UCLA economist Michael Stoll (via CNNMoney), January 2014

On the mobility front, they have a fantastic set of clean, accessible public-transit options, particularly within the city."

Fast Company, October 2013

The city's free zone came to a screeching halt in September but getting around is still affordable. A one-day pass costs $US5 for adults and $US2 for seniors ($US3.30 for kids), allowing unlimited travel on the buses, streetcar and MAX light rail, even to and from the airport.", September 2012

Take advantage of the No. 1-rated public transit..."

Travel + Leisure, November 2012

Try leaving your car behind when visiting Portland; its efficient and low-cost public transportation system, TriMet, is a daily parade of independent fashion..."

Condé Naste Traveler, 2012

... [Portland is] considered one of the most influential voicesif not the modelfor American transit.

Governing Magazine, 2012

Portland is an eclectic city, filled with artists and activists and one of the best public transportation systems in the US., 2012

[The Portland Transit Mall] is a great expenditure of public money and so far ahead of what anyone else is doing. It’s another example of Portland continuing to stay ahead. They were unafraid of taking out what didn’t work and fixing it, which is difficult to do in cities... The Portland Mall represents the region’s commitment to civic space, vital urban centers and sustainable transportation.

American Society of Landscape Architects, 2011

The best way to get around Portland is public transportation... This city is known for having one of the easiest and most tourist-friendly public transportation systems in the country, with extensive routes from TriMet buses and light-rail trains.

U.S. News & World Report, 2011

Portland, Oregon, is more hospitable to residents without cars than many other major US cities., June 30, 2011

Thanks to a commitment to transit-oriented development, environmental stewardship, and infrastructure investments, the second-largest city in the Pacific Northwest has developed an expansive, popular public transportation system.

Smarter Cities, Feb. 23, 2011

Portland is widely considered one of the nation’s leaders in public transit.

U.S. News & World Report, Feb. 8, 2011

Portland excels at alternative options. The TriMet buses link seamlessly with 52 miles of light rail and the nation’s first new streetcar line in a half-century.

Sunset Magazine, February 2011

In Portland, open data makes it easier to get around … thanks to the TriMet transportation system, a new leader in data sharing.

GOOD Magazine, Sept. 28, 2010

Portland’s success helps to fuel a renaissance of electric streetcars on tracks in cities across the USA.

USA Today, Aug. 30, 2010

You can take Portland's light rail and bus system, which is easy, fast and whisks you in every direction from downtown to major attractions."

Time Magazine, Mar. 26, 2010

It’s no hassle getting around this town, whether by bike or on the nation’s fourth-largest light-rail system., Mar. 15, 2010

A system of trains, streetcars, buses, and aerial trams give the city one of the most diverse transportation portfolios in the world., Feb. 22, 2010

Portland, Oregon is routinely ranked among the best transit cities in the country. The accolades certainly are deserved. Commuters are swept quickly and comfortably from almost anywhere to almost anywhere on a system that is reliable, convenient and bicycle friendly. It should be a model for other cities."

Wired Magazine, Nov. 16, 2009

Portland proper boasts one of the most progressive mass transit systems in the country..., Sept. 21, 2009

Portland’s way ahead of the curve. They are the example of a livable community … and we want to replicate that in other communities around the country.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, July 17, 2009

Portland’s commitment to public transportation and its visionary streetcar system has made it one of the most livable, sustainable and economically vibrant cities in America.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, July 1, 2009

City-planners in Portland have been thinking green since the 70s, when the rest of the country was still embracing the strip mall., Sustainable US City Rankings, 2008

… A quarter of the workforce commutes by bike, carpool or public transportation.

Popular Science, 2008

Portland is a hub for the car-free and carefree. … Portland has been a poster child for progressive urban planning for decades.”

USA Today, Aug. 18, 2008

The City of Roses’ approach to urban planning and outdoor spaces has often earned it a spot on lists of the greenest places to live.”, July 19, 2007

Portland has an excellent public transportation system.

New York Times, April 15, 2007

[Portland has] undoubtedly one of the most integrated and dynamic public transport provisions anywhere in the world. … What’s really clear, is the extent to which transport is the absolute bedrock of community development.

BBC News, Aug. 15, 2006

Portland, well known as an urban-design innovator, particularly for its transit oriented developments, is leading the way again.

USA Today, July 27, 2006 PDF

Another particular strength is a transportation system that boasts clean and convenient public transit and excellent special access services.

Sperling’s Best Places, July 10, 2006

Over $1.6 billion went into developing the MAX, mostly from local and federal governments. The handsome payoff includes Portland’s perpetual reputation as among Americas nicest places to live, and some $4 billion-worth of development near the stations.

The Economist, Aug. 31, 2006

Most of Portland’s downtown hotels are within a few blocks of MAX or the streetcar.

Sunset Magazine, 2005

TriMet, Portland’s transit authority, is a technological leader in public transportation.

Google, Inc., The Official Google Blog, Dec. 7, 2005