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Strategic Direction

TriMet is striving to build a safe, comfortable, reliable and innovative transit system that delivers transportation options to our growing region.

A "total transit system" will meet the needs of our current riders and attract new riders. To achieve our goals, we will value the contributions of each employee, engage the public in the decision-making process, expand our service and demonstrate our strong commitment to quality.

Nine principles guide our long-term efforts

  • Continue to build the total transit system.
  • Maximize the use of existing resources and make capital investments that enhance efficiency and prevent future problems.
  • Increase ridership.
  • Focus on service quality.
  • Demonstrate environmental leadership.
  • Integrate transportation and land-use goals.
  • Increase agency diversity by attracting, training and retaining employees who reflect our community.
  • Maintain strong fiscal controls.
  • Respond to customer needs.