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Go-anywhere fares

As of September 1, TriMet no longer has fare zones. No matter where you're going, one fare will get you there.

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TriMet Fares

Effective September 1, 2012

  2-Hour Ticket* 1-Day Pass 1-Month Pass
Adult $2.50 $5 $100
Honored Citizen $1 $2 $26
Youth $1.65 $3.30 $30
LIFT $2.15   $62

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What has changed:

  • New $2.50 Adult fare (no more zones)
  • 1-Zone and 2-Zone tickets no longer accepted without upgrade
  • Day passes available for the price of two single tickets
  • Youth fare increased 15 cents
  • Fare now required in the Free Rail Zone

No more zones!

Fare zones are now a thing of the past. As of September 1, you don't have to worry about which zone you're in or which kind of ticket you need. With one fare, you can go anywhere.

Figuring out the zone system was a hassle, especially if you're not familiar with the area. With a one-fare system where all trips cost the same, riding TriMet is now much simpler and easier for everyone. All tickets and passes purchased on or after September 1 are "go-anywhere" fares, valid for travel anywhere TriMet goes.

  • Can I still use 1-Zone and 2-Zone tickets? Yes, but you’ll need to pay an additional upgrade charge. Through December 31, you can upgrade your 1-Zone and 2-Zone tickets on a bus or at the TriMet Ticket Office at Pioneer Courthouse Square, for 40 cents.
  • What about All-Zone tickets? We still accept All-Zone tickets as valid fare on buses and trains.

Fare increase, $2.50 Adult fare

Now for the not-so-good news: Most fares have gone up, too. We typically raise fares by a nickel each year for inflation. But due to a $12 million budget shortfall, we had to make some big changes this year just to keep buses and trains on the street. The new prices are shown in the chart at right.

We know that higher fares are a hardship for many of you, and some people may even stop riding as a result. During nearly eight months of public outreach, where we proposed a variety of cost-saving ideas with riders, many of you told us that you could tolerate a fare increase if it meant fewer cuts to service.

Transit providers around the country are facing similar budget challenges and taking action to preserve as much service as possible for riders. Over the last decade and two economic recessions, we've boosted internal efficiency and eliminated staff positions to limit service cuts and fare increases. We're always exploring additional resources to keep up with rider demand, and we are reining in our costs so we can continue to provide the convenient and affordable transit service you depend on. If you have opinions about the future of public transit in the Portland area, we encourage you to get involved and make your voice heard.

  • Check the fare chart above to see the new fares effective September 1.


Adult 1-Day Pass

New day pass prices (a great value)

Convenient and affordable day passes for round trips or all-day travel

We're now offering 1-Day Passes at just twice the cost of a single ticket.

  • Affordable: Adult passes remain at a low $5, and there is a new day pass option for Honored Citizens ($2) and Youth ($3.30).
  • Convenient: No need to buy multiple tickets: Travel round trip or all day on just one fare.
  • Best value: With unlimited rides, you can go anywhere on TriMet, all day long.


No more Free Rail Zone

Free Rail Zone emblemIt's the end of an era. As of September 1, MAX Light Rail and Portland Streetcar service in Downtown Portland and the Lloyd District (the Free Rail Zone) is no longer free.

Ending the Free Rail Zone is another cost-saving measure we identified in an effort to close our budget gap without cutting essential service. We're sad to see it go, but we estimate this change will generate nearly $3 million annually—money that will help us preserve existing bus and rail service.

There are other good reasons, too. While free transit has become a hallmark of Portland's tourist-friendly city center, our region has changed dramatically since "Fareless Square" was first introduced back in 1975. We no longer have the air quality issues that prompted the creation of the free zone, and the transit system has expanded significantly since then. Plus, we want to provide equitable service throughout the region, and the Free Rail Zone was a benefit exclusive to Downtown Portland and the Lloyd District.

Riders boarding MAX downtown

  • Like the rest of the system, you must now buy a fare in order to board trains within the boundaries of the Willamette River, NW Irving and I-405, as well as at MAX stations from the Rose Quarter to Lloyd Center.



Other fare changes

Here are some other changes that took effect September 1:

  • New 7-Day Passes for Honored Citizens and Youth: 7-Day Passes are now available for Youth and Honored Citizens, at ticket machines and the TriMet Ticket Office at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
  • Half-Month Pass discontinued: The Half-Month Pass, which was available at the TriMet Ticket Office for those interested in buying a discounted 1-Month Pass after the 15th of the month, has been discontinued. (The 14-Day Pass is a good alternative.)


  • $2.50 handling/processing fee for online ticket orders: The handling/processing fee for tickets and passes ordered online at has increased from $2 to $2.50.
  • Using ticket machines: To help improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs, 10-Ticket Books are no longer available from ticket machines. (But you can still buy them at neighborhood ticket outlets, the TriMet Ticket Office and Also, instead of calendar-month passes, the ticket machines now dispense 30-Day Passes that are pre-validated for immediate use.

Questions? We're here to help.

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* When you pay with an unvalidated ticket or with cash on the bus, the operator will give you a transfer receipt valid for at least 1 hour past the last scheduled stop or Downtown on weekdays and 2 hours past the last scheduled stop or Downtown on weekends.  More