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Plan ahead Updated: 5:38 a.m., Thu. Jul. 30, 2015

With temperatures expected to climb past 100 today, stay hydrated and plan ahead for delays. MAX trains slow to no more than 35 mph when temps top 100. WES trains slow to 30 mph in 95+ temps. If the heat exceeds 105, Portland and Western Railroad will not allow WES to run and service will be provided by shuttle buses. Learn more

Willow Creek MAX Station

Path closure proposal

We are considering closing the pedestrian path that leads from the Willow Creek MAX Station to W. Baseline Road next to KinderCare. This potential closure is being considered in response to community security concerns. Entrances to the path would be closed at both the MAX station and Baseline Road.

We need your feedback on how the closure of this path might affect you. Please submit comments to

Deadline for comments is June 8, 2014. If you have questions please contact Clay Thompson, TriMet Outreach Services, 503-962-6438 or

Willow Creek MAX Station path closure proposal