Face covering required on TriMet

Face covering required on TriMet

Updated: 8:51pm, Sun. Jul. 26, 2020

A scarf, bandanna or fabric mask works, as long as it covers your nose and mouth. More

  • Corrinna

    rock those


    DayNite Reflective Gloves


    Micro-Light Flashing Reflective Armband


  • Miles

    light up those


    Jetpack Rolltop Backpack


    Lightweights for Clothing


    REI Novara Bike Jacket


  • Jeff

    get that


    Ankle Strap

    North St

    Thermostatic Jacket

    Mountain Hardwear

  • Hannah

    be more


    Soulard Cycling Poncho


    Reflective Cycling Belt


    Illuminated Lightweight Umbrella


Be seen. Be safe.

Dress bright / morning and night

This season, bright is in. Be seen wearing light-colored and fluorescent clothing, and step up your look by adding reflective materials and personal lights.

There are lots of ways to add shine:

Get reflective

Go for outerwear and accessories that feature reflective material—you’ll find coats, jackets, scarves, caps, gloves, hats, umbrellas and more.

Layer with a reflective vest

It’s easy to throw a lightweight, reflective vest or sash over your coat. Check out the selection at outdoor, sports and bike stores.

Slap a reflective band on your arm, leg or ankle

Using reflective bands is an easy way to add reflection to your body (and keep your pants out of your bike chain). These can be seen from all angles, meaning they’re more likely to attract drivers’ attention. Some bands even include lights!

Add flair with personal reflectors and lights

Add flexible reflectors with Velcro to purses, helmets, laptop cases, shoes, zipper pulls and backpacks. Lights come in all sizes—some are specific to bikes and wheelchairs, and smaller ones attach easily to strollers, backpacks and purses.


Bike safely

Don’t be afraid to dress up your bike, too, to make it easier for others to see you.

Have the right bike lights

By law you must have a light in front and a red reflector in the back, before sunrise and after sunset. But don't stop there—add more than what’s required.

Invest in proper gear

Bright outerwear such as vests and jackets come in neon, fluorescent and reflective colors and patterns, so you can choose a set to match your style.

Get creative

Put reflective stickers or tape on handlebars, spokes, helmets and backpacks. Light yourself up!


Drivers, make awareness your top priority

Drivers need to be especially alert to see pedestrians and cyclists. According to AAA, taking your eyes off the road—even for two seconds—doubles your risk of getting into a crash. Driving requires your full attention.

  • Complete all personal tasks before or after getting behind the wheel. It can wait.
  • Have a passenger help you if you need directions. Otherwise, pull over somewhere safe before you check your phone.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. It’s illegal in Oregon to use a wireless device while driving.