Monthly Pass Program

Sell tickets and passes to employees on site

In our Monthly Pass Program, we send you tickets and passes each month, which you sell to employees at whatever subsidy level you like. You pay only for the passes you use. This program is great if you need maximum flexibility.

How it works

  1. Tell us how many tickets and passes you think you’ll need, and we’ll automatically ship them to you each month.
  2. You sell the tickets and passes to employees on site, at whatever subsidy level you like.
  3. Pay only for the amount you sell, plus a $2.50 handling/processing fee for each month’s order. Return the unsold tickets and passes to us at no charge.
  4. You can change your order at any time.

How you benefit

  • potential tax savings
  • a valuable tool for employee recruitment and retention
  • helps relieve parking issues

How employees benefit

  • potential tax savings
  • convenience of purchasing tickets and passes at work
  • lower commuting costs
  • an environmentally friendly (and less stressful) commute

Contact us

Call 503-962-7670 or email TriMet Employer Programs: