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Transit Pass Programs for Employers

How you can provide TriMet passes as a benefit to your employees

Riders exiting MAX at I-205 Green Line station

Nearly 1,200 employer worksites in the Portland area offer transit passes as a benefit to their employees. It's easy to get your company started with a transit pass program, in three easy steps:

Find out how your employees are currently getting to work

As a first step, we suggest you find out how your employees are currently getting to work, and which commute options are of interest to them. We can help you set up and conduct a survey (we'll even process them, analyze the results and provide a written report—all at no cost). Learn more

Choose a transit pass program

Next, we'll help you select the right pass program for your company. This is where an employer can save big money: You can get tax breaks when you cover part or all of the cost of the passes for your employees.

View our transit pass program options  

Annual Pass






How it works All eligible employees get a pass; you pay only for actual use Interested employees get a pass; easy, once-a-year distribution You sell tickets and passes to employees on site; most flexibility
You pay based on transit use per results of commute survey $1,100 per employee (12 months for the price of 11!) regular ticket/pass prices + $2.50 shipping and handling per order
Renewable every year year month
Employees carry sticker on ID badge sticker on ID badge regular ticket/pass
Tax savings yes yes yes

Not sure which plan is best for your company? Call 503-962-7670 or email and we'll help you decide.

Designate a transportation coordinator

Finally, you'll want someone on your staff to manage and promote your new program. This "employee transportation coordinator" will also serve as a liaison between your company and TriMet. We'll even provide free training and promotional materials to help make sure your program is a success (and keep your administrative overhead low). Learn more


Are you an employee? Ask your supervisor about commuter benefits at your company.