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1st Ave MAX improvements Updated: 7:15 p.m., Wed. May. 4, 2016

May 8-21, the 1st Avenue MAX Improvements project will disrupt Blue, Green and Red lines. All MAX lines will run on reduced frequency and special schedules. Trains will be extremely crowded during commuting hours. Check schedules and get detailed information, including expanded customer service call center hours: More

Universal Annual Pass Program

All eligible employees get a pass; you pay only for actual transit use

In our Universal Annual Pass Program, you provide 1-Year Passes to all eligible employees, but you pay only for their actual transit use. Ideal if you want to promote an alternative to driving and offer employees the convenience of an annual pass.

How it works

  1. Photo ID TriMet Universal Annual PassFirst, we'll help you survey your employees to find out how many people take TriMet to work versus driving, biking or carpooling.
  2. Based on the survey results, we'll give you a price estimate that reflects your employees' transit ridership. We'll provide you with passes for all employees.
  3. After we sign a contract, we'll send you TriMet stickers for your employees' ID cards. (If your employees don't have photo IDs, we can provide those too... free of charge!)
  4. Finally, we'll help kick off your new program by holding a transportation fair at your workplace. Of course, we'll provide ongoing support and resources to help make your program a success.

How you benefit

  • potential tax savings
  • ensures ECO Rule compliance
  • a valuable tool for employee recruitment and retention
  • minimal administration required
  • proven incentive for employees to take transit to work
  • helps relieve parking issues

How employees benefit

  • unlimited rides on buses, MAX, WES and Streetcar
  • potential tax savings
  • lower commuting costs
  • an environmentally friendly (and less stressful) commute
  • convenient photo ID sticker