Portland Streetcar

Transferring Between TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar

If you’re using conventional (paper) tickets and passes, here are the rules that apply when transferring between TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar.

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Using TriMet fares on Portland Streetcar

TriMet tickets and passes are accepted on Portland Streetcar. If you’re riding the Streetcar exclusively, you can buy a Streetcar-only ticket.

Using Portland Streetcar fares on TriMet

Unless it’s a Streetcar-only ticket, you can use your Streetcar fare to ride TriMet buses and trains.

Using TriMet fares on C-TRAN

Validated TriMet tickets and passes are accepted on C-TRAN Local and Limited routes, but not on Express routes or C-VAN. Unvalidated TriMet fares are not accepted. TriMet LIFT fares and Portland Public Schools Photo ID Student Passes are not valid on any C-TRAN service.

Using C-TRAN fares on TriMet

If you have a C-TRAN Regional (including Adult, Youth or Honored) or Express fare, you can ride TriMet buses and trains. C-TRAN fares are not valid on LIFT (except C-TRAN Express passes). C-Zone fares (including Reduced Passes and C-Zone Day Pass) and the Clark College C-Pass are not valid on TriMet.