Paying With a Paper Hop Ticket

You can buy a 2½-Hour or 1-Day Ticket from the Hop ticket machines at MAX and WES stations. Tap the ticket on the green Hop reader before boarding.

Hop cards

How it works


Hop tickets are single-use paper tickets with electronics inside. You can buy 2½-Hour and 1-Day tickets for Adult, Honored Citizen or Youth riders. MAX ticket machines accept credit/debit cards or cash. WES ticket machines accept cards only.

Tap to board

Tap your ticket on the Hop reader before you board to validate your fare. The screen will show a confirmation that you paid your fare and you will hear an audible chime. You’re good to go!

Tap every time

Your ticket is valid for either 2½ hours or 1 day (until 3 a.m.), starting at the time of purchase. Tickets must be used immediately and cannot be saved for use at a future time. During this time you can board any combination of buses and trains or Portland Streetcar to complete your trip. Remember to tap the Hop reader every time you board. Your tap is your proof of payment.