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Stop ID 6623 71-60th Ave/122nd Ave

Schedule for Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Departures from SE 122nd & Burnside (Stop ID 6623)

Next arrivals 71 122nd Ave to SE 94th & Foster See footnote
5:42am 6:07am 6:32am 6:51am 7:13am 7:33am 7:52am 8:10am 8:28am 8:46am 9:03am 9:21am 9:39am 9:57am 10:15am 10:33am 10:52am 11:10am 11:28am 11:46am 12:04pm 12:22pm 12:43pm 1:04pm 1:25pm 1:46pm 2:07pm 2:28pm 2:49pm 3:10pm 3:31pm 3:51pm 4:09pm 4:16pm 4:26pm 4:43pm 5:02pm 5:21pm 5:39pm 5:54pm 6:07pm 6:20pm 6:35pm 6:52pm 7:11pm 7:30pm 7:50pm 8:11pm 8:33pm 8:55pm 9:24pm 9:54pm 10:24pm 10:54pm 11:23pm 11:53pm

Next arrivals 71 60th/122nd to 94th-Foster via Parkrose TC and 122nd Ave See footnote

Service Alerts

The trip planner shows scheduled service only. It may send you to stops that are closed or bypassed. Please read service alerts to see if detours affect your trip.

71-60th Ave/122nd Ave

The southbound stop on SE 122nd at Liebe (Stop ID 6639) is closed through Friday December 19, due to construction. Use stop at Holgate or Harold.

71-60th Ave/122nd Ave, 71-60th Ave/122nd Ave

No service to stops on SE Lincoln at 57th or the stop on SE 52nd at Lincoln from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday, due to construction. Use line 4 stops on Division at 55th or 58th.

71-60th Ave/122nd Ave, 77-Broadway/Halsey

Expect short delays this morning due to crosswalk work at 60th & Halsey.

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