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Stop ID 5890

Schedule for Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Departures from NE M L King & Alberta (Stop ID 5890)

Next arrivals 6 M L King Jr to Jantzen Beach See footnote
5:34am 5:49am 6:10am 6:31am 6:52am 7:13am 7:30am 7:45am 7:59am 8:15am 8:25am 8:35am 8:45am 8:57am 9:12am 9:26am 9:41am 9:56am 10:11am 10:26am 10:41am 10:57am 11:12am 11:27am 11:43am 11:58am 12:14pm 12:29pm 12:44pm 12:59pm 1:13pm 1:27pm 1:42pm 1:57pm 2:12pm 2:27pm 2:42pm 2:57pm 3:12pm 3:29pm 3:44pm 3:59pm 4:13pm 4:27pm 4:41pm 4:54pm 5:07pm 5:21pm 5:35pm 5:45pm 5:55pm 6:03pm 6:12pm 6:24pm 6:35pm 6:50pm 7:03pm 7:18pm 7:33pm 7:47pm 8:00pm 8:14pm 8:29pm 8:44pm 8:59pm 9:14pm 9:29pm 9:43pm 9:58pm 10:23pm 10:53pm 11:23pm 11:54pm 12:23am 12:53am

Next arrivals 72 Killingsworth/82nd to Swan Island-Anchor St
6:23am 7:05am 7:17am 7:37am 7:59am 8:19am 8:29am 8:40am 8:49am 9:00am 9:11am 9:22am 9:34am 9:46am 9:58am 10:10am 10:23am 10:35am 10:47am 10:59am 11:11am 11:23am 11:35am 11:47am 11:59am 12:12pm 12:24pm 12:36pm 12:48pm 1:00pm 1:12pm 1:24pm 1:48pm 2:00pm 2:12pm 2:26pm 2:48pm 3:00pm 3:25pm 3:41pm 4:01pm 4:14pm 4:36pm 4:48pm 5:00pm 5:26pm 5:39pm 5:51pm 6:03pm 6:15pm 6:24pm 6:34pm 6:44pm 6:56pm 7:08pm 7:23pm 7:37pm 7:52pm 8:07pm 8:21pm 8:36pm 8:51pm 9:06pm 9:21pm 9:36pm 9:50pm 10:05pm 10:19pm 10:36pm 10:53pm 11:10pm 11:27pm 11:43pm 12:00am 12:22am 12:52am 1:20am 1:50am

Next arrivals 72 Killingsworth/82nd to Swan Island-Shipyards
5:29am 5:52am 6:08am 6:38am 6:53am 7:27am 7:49am 8:09am 1:36pm 2:37pm 3:12pm 3:33pm 3:49pm 4:28pm 5:13pm

Service Alerts

The trip planner shows scheduled service only. It may send you to stops that are closed or bypassed. Please read service alerts to see if detours affect your trip.

6-Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 17-Holgate/Broadway, 77-Broadway/Halsey, Portland Streetcar - NS Line, Portland Streetcar - CL Line

Starting Friday, June 26, for 6-10 weeks, the Central Loop (CL) Streetcar service will not run temporarily due to electricity shut-offs on the Broadway Bridge. During the closure, riders can use bus lines 6, 17 or 77. Valid TriMet fare is required. More

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