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Stop ID 5890

Schedule for Friday, November 28, 2014

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Departures from NE M L King & Alberta (Stop ID 5890)

Next arrivals 6 M L King Jr to Jantzen Beach
5:34am 5:49am 6:10am 6:31am 6:52am 7:13am 7:30am 7:45am 7:59am 8:15am 8:35am 8:55am 9:11am 9:26am 9:41am 9:56am 10:11am 10:26am 10:41am 10:57am 11:12am 11:27am 11:43am 11:58am 12:14pm 12:29pm 12:44pm 12:59pm 1:14pm 1:29pm 1:43pm 1:56pm 2:10pm 2:24pm 2:38pm 2:53pm 3:07pm 3:22pm 3:38pm 3:54pm 4:09pm 4:24pm 4:39pm 4:54pm 5:10pm 5:22pm 5:35pm 5:45pm 5:55pm 6:03pm 6:12pm 6:22pm 6:35pm 6:50pm 7:03pm 7:18pm 7:33pm 7:47pm 8:00pm 8:14pm 8:29pm 8:44pm 8:59pm 9:14pm 9:29pm 9:43pm 9:58pm 10:23pm 10:53pm 11:23pm 11:54pm 12:23am 12:53am

Next arrivals 72 Killingsworth/82nd to Swan Island-Anchor St See footnote
6:23am 7:07am 7:36am 7:59am 8:20am 8:28am 8:34am 8:39am 8:46am 8:56am 9:06am 9:16am 9:26am 9:36am 9:46am 9:58am 10:11am 10:26am 10:41am 10:56am 11:08am 11:21am 11:34am 11:47am 11:59am 12:11pm 12:23pm 12:35pm 12:47pm 12:59pm 1:11pm 1:24pm 1:48pm 2:00pm 2:12pm 2:21pm 2:55pm 3:27pm 3:45pm 4:07pm 4:13pm 4:41pm 4:55pm 5:16pm 5:29pm 5:41pm 5:53pm 6:05pm 6:10pm 6:16pm 6:29pm 6:39pm 6:48pm 6:57pm 7:06pm 7:18pm 7:29pm 7:40pm 7:48pm 7:58pm 8:09pm 8:24pm 8:39pm 8:53pm 9:08pm 9:25pm 9:40pm 9:57pm 10:13pm 10:29pm 10:44pm 11:00pm 11:17pm 11:33pm 11:55pm 12:24am 12:53am 1:23am

Next arrivals 72 Killingsworth/82nd to Swan Island-Shipyards See footnote
5:29am 5:52am 6:07am 6:40am 6:53am 7:22am 7:49am 8:10am 1:36pm 2:39pm 3:11pm 3:36pm 3:53pm 4:27pm 5:09pm

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72-Killingsworth/82nd Ave

Beginning Sunday, November 30, 2014, Line 72 will have schedule adjustments every day to better match traffic conditions and ridership to improved service. Late night trips have been added on weekdays and Saturdays; please check the new schedules. More

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