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Stop ID 5890

Holiday Schedule for Monday, September 1, 2014

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Departures from NE M L King & Alberta (Stop ID 5890)

Next arrivals 6 M L King Jr to Jantzen Beach
5:48am 6:20am 6:50am 7:21am 7:52am 8:13am 8:33am 8:53am 9:13am 9:33am 9:54am 10:14am 10:34am 10:55am 11:15am 11:36am 11:57am 12:17pm 12:37pm 12:57pm 1:17pm 1:37pm 1:57pm 2:17pm 2:37pm 2:57pm 3:17pm 3:37pm 3:57pm 4:17pm 4:37pm 4:57pm 5:17pm 5:37pm 5:57pm 6:17pm 6:37pm 6:56pm 7:15pm 7:35pm 7:55pm 8:13pm 8:34pm 8:55pm 9:15pm 9:34pm 9:54pm 10:23pm 10:53pm 11:23pm 11:54pm 12:23am 12:53am

Next arrivals 72 Killingsworth/82nd to Swan Island-Anchor St
6:07am 6:37am 7:07am 7:27am 7:58am 8:31am 8:55am 9:12am 9:30am 9:47am 10:05am 10:23am 10:43am 11:01am 11:16am 11:32am 11:48am 12:04pm 12:18pm 12:30pm 12:42pm 12:54pm 1:07pm 1:19pm 1:31pm 1:44pm 1:57pm 2:09pm 2:22pm 2:35pm 2:48pm 3:01pm 3:13pm 3:25pm 3:37pm 3:49pm 4:01pm 4:13pm 4:25pm 4:37pm 4:47pm 4:59pm 5:13pm 5:27pm 5:42pm 5:57pm 6:12pm 6:27pm 6:41pm 6:55pm 7:09pm 7:26pm 7:42pm 7:58pm 8:14pm 8:29pm 8:45pm 9:02pm 9:18pm 9:35pm 9:52pm 10:08pm 10:25pm 10:42pm 10:58pm 11:15pm 11:44pm 12:12am 12:42am 1:08am

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