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Stop ID 5975

Schedule for Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Departures from US Veterans Hospital (Stop ID 5975)

Next arrivals 61 Beaverton TC  See footnote
3:32pm 4:01pm 4:19pm 4:31pm 5:01pm 5:39pm

Next arrivals 61 Marquam Hill  See footnote
6:44am 7:01am 7:17am 7:34am 7:49am 8:11am 8:32am

Next arrivals 64 Marquam Hill  See footnote
6:11am 6:40am 7:10am 7:28am 7:45am 8:07am 8:21am

Next arrivals 64 Tigard TC  See footnote
3:47pm 4:16pm 4:46pm 5:16pm 6:03pm

Next arrivals 65 Marquam Hill  See footnote
6:37am 7:07am 7:37am 8:37am 9:17am

Next arrivals 65 Taylors Ferry & Terwilliger  See footnote
3:36pm 4:05pm 4:35pm 5:05pm

Next arrivals 66 Hollywood TC  See footnote
3:03pm 3:39pm 4:08pm 4:38pm 5:08pm 5:43pm

Next arrivals 66 Marquam Hill  See footnote
6:17am 6:27am 6:42am 7:12am 7:32am 7:47am 8:04am 8:19am

Next arrivals 68 Collins Circle to Marquam Hill  See footnote
5:51am 6:33am 6:51am 7:15am 7:36am 7:51am 8:14am 8:34am 8:51am 9:16am

Next arrivals 68 Collins Circle to SW 18th & Jefferson - Goose Hollow  See footnote
2:59pm 3:16pm 3:33pm 3:49pm 4:06pm 4:24pm 4:42pm 4:57pm 5:12pm 5:30pm 5:47pm 6:17pm

Next arrivals 8 Jackson Park to Portland to Downtown Only  See footnote

Next arrivals 8 Jackson Park/NE 15th to NE Dekum via City Center  See footnote
5:59am 6:14am 6:29am 6:44am 6:58am 7:12am 7:26am 7:39am 7:56am 8:11am 8:26am 8:41am 8:56am 9:11am 9:25am 9:39am 9:53am 10:07am 10:21am 10:35am 10:49am 11:03am 11:17am 11:31am 11:46am 12:00pm 12:14pm 12:28pm 12:42pm 12:56pm 1:10pm 1:25pm 1:40pm 1:55pm 2:07pm 2:17pm 2:25pm 2:37pm 2:47pm 2:55pm 3:08pm 3:19pm 3:30pm 3:39pm 3:48pm 3:54pm 4:03pm 4:09pm 4:19pm 4:24pm 4:31pm 4:39pm 4:49pm 4:54pm 5:01pm 5:09pm 5:17pm 5:25pm 5:35pm 5:45pm 5:58pm 6:11pm 6:25pm 6:41pm 6:56pm 7:11pm 7:26pm 7:41pm 7:56pm 8:11pm 8:26pm 8:43pm 9:03pm 9:28pm 9:58pm 10:28pm 10:58pm 11:38pm 12:08am

Next arrivals 8 Marquam Hill Only  See footnote
5:44am 6:36am 6:52am 7:06am 7:19am 7:33am 7:44am 7:50am 8:01am 8:06am 8:16am 8:21am 8:31am 8:36am 8:46am 8:51am 9:04am 9:18am 9:32am 9:46am

Service Alerts

The trip planner shows scheduled service only. It may send you to stops that are closed or bypassed. Please read service alerts to see if detours affect your trip.

61-Marquam Hill/Beaverton, 64-Marquam Hill/Tigard, 65-Marquam Hill/Barbur Blvd, 66-Marquam Hill/Hollywood, 68-Marquam Hill/Collins Circle

Starting Monday, April 21, no service to the stop at 3515 SW US Veteran Rd (Stop ID 10612) for about 18 months, due to construction. A temporary stop will be placed near the Children's Hospital loading dock.

8-Jackson Park/NE 15th, 77-Broadway/Halsey

No service to the westbound stop at NE Multnomah & 9th (Stop ID 10876) until 4 p.m. Tuesday, November 4 due to construction. Please use the temporary stop at NE Multnomah & 7th.

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