PMLR Economic Benefits

Connecting people to jobs

The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project is essential to the long-term economic vitality of our region, helping to connect people to their jobs and higher education. It also is providing many short-term benefits for the regional economy.

Direct jobs

Direct jobs are occupations that work directly on the light rail project, such as planners, designers, engineers and construction workers.

To date, more than 569 private-sector firms are working, or have completed work, on the project, including 134 disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) firms, and the list of companies continues to grow.


Direct jobs created
As of August 10, 2016, as reported by PMLR contractors

Direct jobs created:

  • 5,346 on-site construction jobs since construction began in April 2011.
  • 1,869 professional and technical jobs since March of 2009, when the project entered Preliminary Engineering. Professional and technical jobs include employees that have worked a minimum of 160 hours.

Indirect and induced jobs

Indirect jobs include positions at suppliers of materials for the project, such as steel, concrete, wood, and more. Induced jobs are jobs created by the spending of project salaries for items such as groceries, gas, entertainment, etc.

The indirect and induced jobs are estimated based on a direct multiplier of 8.63 jobs per million dollars of eligible construction spending. Through July 2016, the project has expended approximately $852.5 million on construction.

How job creation was estimated for the project Final Environmental Impact Statement


Indirect and induced jobs created
Estimated based on construction spending through July 31, 2016.

Project contractor firms, Portland region

Chart showing PMLR Contractors in the Portland region