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Electronic Bike Lockers (eLockers)

Enclosed bike lockers with keycard access — first come, first served

BikeLink electronic bike lockers

Bike locker iconUsing eLockers, you can park your bike in a secure, enclosed locker with keycard access—first come, first served. You pay just pennies per hour, with no monthly fee.


Providence Park MAX Station

4 electronic lockers located along the eastbound platform along SW Yamhill Street near SW 18th Avenue.
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Tigard Transit Center WES Station

12 electronic lockers located on Main Street in Tigard, between SW Tigard Street and SW Commercial Street.
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Quatama/NW 205th Ave

8 electronic lockers located adjacent to the Park & Ride at SW 205th Avenue and NW Quatama Road.
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Gateway/NE 99th TC

8 electronic lockers located adjacent to the Park & Ride at NE 99th Ave and NE Pacific Street
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How it works

BikeLink keycardSign up now

Visit to purchase a keycard
or call 888-540-0546
  • Buy a $20 keycard online from BikeLink™ (888-540-0546). A one-time fee of $5 is charged to activate your card. Keycards are also available at the TriMet Ticket Office at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
  • To park your bike, insert your keycard firmly in the reader on the door of the eLocker.
  • Select the duration of time your bike will be parked.
  • Remove your keycard and the door will open.
  • Put your bike inside the eLocker and make sure to close the door securely.
  • Pay just 5 cents/hour. If the meter expires, extra time costs 12 cents/hour.
  • You can rent a locker for up to 10 days. If you leave a bike longer than 14 days, the bike is considered abandoned.
  • Use your keycard at any BikeLink facility nationwide—that includes our Bike & Ride facilities.
  • eLockers are accessible 24 hours a day with your keycard.

Still have questions? Read the Q & A.

Tip: Keep a 'station bike' in an eLocker or at a Bike & Ride

With secure parking in an eLocker or at a Bike & Ride, you can park your bike overnight, then take a bus or train to the transit center and finish your commute by bike. You get the fun and exercise of biking to work or school, without the hassle of hauling it back and forth on MAX every day.

About TriMet's eLockers

Until now, renting an assigned bike locker was the best way to protect your bike from both theft and parts removal. Unfortunately, an assigned space is not a very efficient use of resources. Most assigned bike lockers have long waiting lists, but are actually empty most of the time.

Like curbside parking for cars, the spaces in eLockers are shared. Compared to assigned parking systems, electronic bike lockers can serve 5 to 7 times more cyclists each year.