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Go by bus, train or bike (or all three).

TriMet's new Map Trip Planner makes it easy to plan trips that combine transit and biking. Explore and print an interactive map of your route, see an elevation chart and get detailed biking/walking directions... all in one place.

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What's new

Detail of the Map Trip Planner showing transit options

Plan a bike+transit trip

Find out how to get there by bike and transit. We'll show you the most efficient route with the best connections. (This can save you significant travel time, if you're used to planning bike and transit trips separately!)

Detail of the Map Trip Planner bike triangle

Biking preferences

We'll show you the most bike-friendly route, or you can specify your own biking preferences. You can also choose the maximum biking distance for your trip.

Detail of the Map Trip Planner showing the elevation chart

Elevation chart

For trips with biking and walking segments, you'll get an elevation chart along with your itinerary. You'll know which parts are hilly and where it's flat, so you can be prepared for the ups and downs.


Detail of the Map Trip Planner showing carsharing locations

Fare outlets & car-sharing

We've added neighborhood ticket outlets and car-sharing locations to the map.

Detail of the Map Trip Planner showing the print page

Print a map of your trip

Now you can print out your trip itinerary, complete with an overview map.

Detail of the Map Trip Planner showing walking directions

Better walking directions

We added multi-use paths, trails and walking paths so you can get more accurate walking directions and see your route on the map.


Try the new Map Trip Planner »



About the Map Trip Planner

TriMet's Map Trip Planner was released in beta in October 2011, marking the first fully open-source/open-data trip planner by a U.S. transit agency. In August 2012, it replaced the existing map trip planner at

The application was developed in collaboration with OpenPlans, a New York-based nonprofit, and a team of developers around the world. The new trip planner uses all open-source technologies, including OpenTripPlanner for multimodal routing.

Because it uses open-source software and open data, TriMet's Map Trip Planner was less expensive to develop and the technology can be used by other agencies worldwide. It is already deployed in 10 countries.

The Map Trip Planner also has the capacity to become a regional trip planner. We're exploring the possibility of integrating other local transit agencies so riders can plan long-distance trips.

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Please note: We can't guarantee the accuracy or safety of the information provided in trip itineraries or on the map. So please use caution, and let us know about any issues at