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We love it here. Our region is innovative, welcoming, hard-working and filled with natural beauty. For a while, it felt like a well-kept secret.

Now the word is out, and our community is growing. So much that Oregon recently passed the first-ever statewide transit funding bill, known as Keep Oregon Moving.

We’re ready to invest our portion of the revenues in ways that will make an immediate and lasting impact on congestion, the economy and the environment.

Addressing Congestion

Metro estimates that an additional 400,000 people will move to the Portland metro area in the next 20 years.

That’s amazing — and a little scary. Congestion is already an issue, so what can we do to accommodate even more commutes, grocery trips, doctors visits and trips across town?

Growing Transit

To start, we’re doubling down on bus service. Additional buses, more trips and new routes will make public transportation the first choice for more residents. (We’ll also invest in improving and maintaining our current infrastructure, so our service remains safe and reliable.)

We also want to make it easier to connect with transit, so we’re making multimodal trips easier with new facilities like Bike & Rides accessible with a Hop card.

Community Support

Balance is important — when we invest in transit, we need to make sure the benefits reach every community.

Some of the projects we’re funding with our share of the revenues from Keep Oregon Moving include a reduced fare for low-income riders and better connections to jobs, including for shift workers outside of the city center.

Lowering Emissions

Our region’s natural beauty is one of its defining features — and we share the responsibility for keeping it that way.

That’s why we’re introducing battery-electric, zero-emission buses and looking into an alternative-fuel future for our entire fleet.

Together, we can make transit better.

Are you on board?


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