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1st Ave MAX improvements Updated: 7:15 p.m., Wed. May. 4, 2016

May 8-21, the 1st Avenue MAX Improvements project will disrupt Blue, Green and Red lines. All MAX lines will run on reduced frequency and special schedules. Trains will be extremely crowded during commuting hours. Check schedules and get detailed information, including expanded customer service call center hours: More

LIFT Paratransit Service

Shared-ride service for those unable to use regular buses and trains

Photo of passenger in a mobility device using the power lift on a LIFT vehicle

How it works

TriMet's LIFT paratransit service is a shared-ride public transportation service for people who are unable to use regular buses or trains due to a disability or disabling health condition. You must be a registered customer to use LIFT service.

All rides are by advance reservation only, and must be requested no later than 5 p.m. the day before the trip. If you want, you can place a subscription for recurring trips. The LIFT Rider's Guide provides complete information on the LIFT reservation process.

Eligibility requirements

Most seniors and people with disabilities find that using regular buses and trains for some or all of their trips offers many advantages.

You may be eligible for LIFT service if you have a disability or disabling health condition and your disability or health condition prevents you from independently using TriMet buses and/or trains some or all of the time (without assistance, other than from a bus driver).

Service area and hours

The LIFT service area boundary is three-fourths of a mile beyond the outermost portions of TriMet's bus and MAX lines. LIFT does not serve locations outside the TriMet District, the legal boundary for TriMet. LIFT service operates during the same hours as bus and MAX services, generally 4:30 a.m.–2:30 a.m., seven days a week.