The STFAC Committee Members

The Special Transportation Fund Advisory Committee (STFAC) is appointed by the TriMet Board of Directors to advise TriMet by making informed recommendations about the distribution of grants funded by the State of Oregon’s Special Transportation Fund (STF) and the Federal Transit Administration’s Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities - Section 5310. The three-county STF area receives approximately $10–15 million in STF formula, supplemental, and discretionary funds each biennium (every two years). STF funds have played an important role in the expansion of community-based services for seniors and persons with disabilities as well as in the preservation of fixed route and complementary paratransit services.

The STFAC includes a broad representation of users of transportation services and providers including all interested members of the Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT), as well as representatives from Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties aging and disabilities service agencies, out-of-district transit providers, seniors and persons with disabilities from the three Counties, seniors and persons with disabilities representing out-of-district consumers, Ride Connection, and TriMet.


Program Management Plan for 5310 Funds


Committee Members

Special Transportation Fund Advisory Committee (STFAC) The STFAC is TriMet’s appointed advisory committee to assist the agency in its duties as the Special Transportation Fund Agency (STF Agency) for Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties. As required by the STFAC Bylaws, STFAC members reside in the tri-county area, are knowledgeable about the transportation needs of the elderly and people with disabilities, and are users of or familiar with public or community based transportation services. More than one-half of the members are seniors or persons with a disability.

Those interested persons who are members of the TriMet Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT), excepting the CAT member who is a Board member

  • Jan Campbell, Chair
  • Claudia Robertson, Vice Chair
  • John Betts
  • Leon Chavarria
  • Zoe Presson
  • Chris Walker
  • Paul Pappas
  • Patricia Kepler
  • Deidre Hall

Seniors or persons with disabilities who reside in Clackamas County

  • Dick Jones
  • Carin Topliff

Seniors or persons with disabilities who reside in Multnomah County

  • Raissa Moore
  • Andrea Belcher

Seniors or persons with disabilities who reside in Washington County

  • Ross Mathews
  • Anthony Butler

Seniors or persons with disabilities who reside outside the TriMet District

  • Glenn Koehrsen

Staff representatives of the respective County Agencies on Aging and Disability; one per county

  • Theresa Christopherson, Clackamas County
  • Matt Davis, Washington County
  • Monica Sandgren, Multnomah County

Staff representative of TriMet

  • Margo Moore

Staff representative of Ride Connection:

  • Elaine Wells

Staff representatives of public transit entities other than TriMet, including a rural transit entity representative

  • Andi Howell, City of Sandy
  • Eric Loomis, City of Wilsonville

Seniors or Persons with Disabilities Living in the Service Area

  • George Payne
  • David Keyes
  • Ron Thompson
  • Mary Lou Ritter