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STFAC Grant Programs

Accessible transportation programs are designed to remove barriers, coordinate services throughout the state, and expand options for people with special transportation needs. Public transportation providers must provide comparable access for individuals with disabilities and other physical limitations. Accessible transit services, also known as paratransit, offer additional services that regular transit cannot. The State of Oregon Enhanced Mobility / Special Needs Grant Program is focused on service and capital transit asset improvements for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Typical projects include vehicle fleet growth and maintenance, facilities, signs, equipment, and contracted service.

§ 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

Oregon distributes state, FTA and ODOT Surface Transportation Program funds biannually to improve service to the special needs, seniors, and other transit-dependent populations beyond traditional services. Typical projects include vehicle fleet growth and maintenance, facilities, signs, equipment, and purchased service. This allows service providers to maintain assets and services that are safe, in good condition, and designed appropriately for the specified routes and services. Funds can also be used to provide operations, travel training, and information for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Special Transportation Fund

Oregon’s Special Transportation Fund provides financial support to designated counties, transit districts, and Indian tribal governments for special transportation services benefiting seniors and individuals with disabilities. Special Transportation Funds are awarded using a population-based formula and are often used to leverage federal program dollars. Some examples of funded services include training for how to use transit, access and operating support for volunteer and dial-a-ride services, expanding accessible fixed route transit, and providing information about options for those who can no longer drive.

Special Transportation Fund Guidebook


Grant Administration

Special Transportation Fund (STF) agencies are the counties, transit districts, and Indian Tribes designated by Oregon law to receive the state’s Special Transportation Funds.

TriMet is designated by the State of Oregon as “coordinating entity” for the ยง5310 and STF programs and as “lead agency” for the purpose of adopting the locally developed coordinated public transit-human service plans required by FTA. TriMet, in coordination with the STFAC, identifies projects for funding with a variety of local, state, and federal funds. As the STF Agency, TriMet acts to oversee implementation of the local projects in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties.


Recent Awards


Grant-Funded Projects Monthly Performance Reports

By following the indicators in the reports below, program managers and the STFAC can identify under or outperforming STF & 5310-funded projects, watch for trends, and help ensure that tax dollars are being allocated most efficiently.

Guide to Monthly Performance Reports