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Tip: Upgrading to iOS 8?

First, sign in to your account on our website, select My Account, then My Tickets, then click the "Recall my Tickets" button. Refresh the page to ensure your tickets appear as "Not Downloaded." You can then install iOS 8. When done, go back to the My Tickets tab in the app, and swipe down to refresh and retrieve your tickets.

Tip: Don't uninstall the app

Don't uninstall the TriMet Tickets app or erase your phone without transferring your unused tickets first. (See "What if I get a new phone? Can I transfer my tickets?" below.) Your tickets are stored on your phone (which makes it possible to use them without an internet connection), so uninstalling the app will permanently erase your tickets!

Tip: Create an account before purchasing tickets

Make sure you create an account before purchasing tickets, as this is the only way you can transfer your unused tickets if you get a new phone.

Tip: Changing your email address?

Your downloaded tickets are linked to the email address you used when you bought them. If you sign in to the app with a different email address, those tickets will not be available.

Tip: Watch your battery level

Just like with paper tickets, you're responsible for making sure you have a valid fare at all times. Remember to keep your phone charged!

Tip: Jailbroken or rooted phone?

Please note that we can only support unmodified, stock operating systems. Jailbroken and rooted phones are not supported.

Tip: Activate your ticket before boarding

If you're at a MAX station where fares are required, make sure you activate your ticket (by tapping the "Use" button) before entering the station area. Otherwise, activate your ticket when you see your bus or train approaching. Your ticket must be activated before boarding a vehicle.



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