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Opening in Sept. 2015:
Tilikum Crossing Transit Bridge,
Bridge of the People

Brown temporary cables stabilize the built portion of the bridge while the deck is under construction. As the deck lengthens, permanent cables (protected from the elements by white sheathing) are installed.

Bridge features

  • Type: Four-pier cable-stayed bridge (two piers on land and two in the water at the towers)
  • Length: Approximately 1,720 feet  
  • Width: Mostly 75.5 feet; 110.5 feet at the towers
  • Spans: Five
  • Towers: Two, each 180 feet high
  • Cable: Approximately 3.5 miles of cable
  • Paths: Two 14-feet-wide bicycle and pedestrian paths



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Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge Fact Sheet

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A new regional connection

The Tilikum Crossing Transit Bridge is a critical component of a new 7.3-mile light rail alignment that will connect north Clackamas County, Milwaukie and inner SE Portland with downtown Portland and the regional MAX system.

At more than 1,700 feet in length, the bridge will be the largest car-free transit bridge in the U.S., carrying light rail trains, buses, streetcars, cyclists and pedestrians.

The bridge will add capacity to the region's overall transportation system, with more light rail connections creating better access to important destinations and reducing commute pressure on other bridges.

Map showing bridge location

New bridge reflects commitment to art

This conceptual image gives an idea of what the bridge will look like when lit at night.

As part of TriMet's public art program for the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project, artists Anna Valentina Murch and Doug Hollis are creating an aesthetic light program for the new bridge. Lights focused on the cables and piers will fluctuate in response to a stream flow monitor in the Willamette River, echoing the river movement below.

History in the making

Video Screenshot

More about bridge construction

Want to see the new bridge rise before your eyes? Take a look at our live cameras and the behind-the-scenes episodes of the BridgeView video series to view the ongoing construction.

Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit ProjectPamplin Media Group

The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project is a partnership of
Federal Transit Administration, Clackamas County, Metro, City of Milwaukie, Multnomah County, The City of Oregon City,
The Oregon Department of Transportation, Portland Development Commission, TriMet