Gillig 3000 series bus

Better Buses

100% have low-floor boarding

65% are the latest model bus

100% have air conditioning

Our fleet keeps getting better. We have more than 440 newer buses on the road — nearly two-thirds of our active fleet — and we’re continuing to add more every year. And now, as part of our plan to convert to a 100% alternative-fuel fleet by 2040, we have begun adding electric buses to the mix.

Active fleet statistics, February 2019


Less tailpipe emissions

The cleaner-burning diesel engine has Selective Catalytic Reduction technology, which scrubs nitrogen oxides and particulates from the exhaust.

Friendly interiors

Inside, you’ll notice vinyl seats (which are much easier to keep clean), larger windows, brighter LED lighting and a lighter color scheme.

Better boarding ramps

A longer, more gradual boarding ramp makes it easier for people using mobility devices to board the bus.

Automatic snow chains

At the push of a button, the operator can deploy chains for better reliability in snow/ice conditions.

Electric bus

We’re going electric

Soon, we’re putting five new New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE™ battery-electric buses into service.

These buses are powered by cutting-edge technology, and they have some significant advantages over standard buses. Not only are they clean and quiet to operate and easy to maintain, they’ll also play a part in making the Portland region a nicer place to live for everybody.

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Our hybrid fleet

Our hybrid fleet consists of eight buses, including four latest-generation vehicles that can be fully electrically powered for up to two miles. If there’s not enough energy stored in the battery, the generator starts and uses the diesel engine, which also recharges the battery. These buses are designed to be our most efficient for fuel and emissions.

The other four are hybrid-electric buses with technology similar to a Chevy Volt. They have quiet electric motors, with components that last longer and require less maintenance.

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