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TriMet launches first-of-its-kind multimodal trip planner

October 15, 2011

Beta version goes live Saturday, Oct. 15, at 9 a.m.


TriMet launches its beta application of a new open-source, multimodal trip planner at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 15. The Portland Regional Trip Planner is the first trip planner of its kind produced by a U.S. transit agency.

TriMet's Information Technology Manager Bibiana McHugh will announce the official beta launch Saturday during the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit at Portland State University.

The new trip planner is unique in that it combines transit, biking and walking in one itinerary, making it easier for customers to plan their trips, and reduces travel time compared with single-mode trip planners. Customers can plan their trips according to their preference for safest route, quickest route or flattest elevation. And because the Regional Trip Planner uses open-source data, it was less expensive to develop, and the technology can be used by other agencies worldwide.


  • Plans trips combining transit, biking and walking in a single itinerary
  • Accommodates bike preferences and displays an elevation chart
  • Uses OpenStreetMap, a wiki-like map, to update bike routes and walking paths
  • Allows for future inclusion of other transit systems, such as C-TRAN and SMART
  • Includes car-share locations so you can easily plan trips to Zipcars

Plan your trip

Go to for more information and to test the new Regional Trip Planner.

Feedback and future implementation

Customers can provide feedback about the trip planner by email to After the beta testing is complete, the final product will go live in early 2012.


TriMet developed the trip planner in partnership with the nonprofit OpenPlans and a team of developers from around the world. Metro provided the funding through its Regional Travel Options grant program. TriMet received $68,960, matched with in-kind contributions for a total of $137,920. Metro's Regional Travel Options program works to improve air quality, reduce car traffic and encourages active and alternative modes of transportation.

TriMet and OpenTripPlanner were recognized by the White House in a Champions of Change blog post touting how "open government technology transforms the way we travel."