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Transit Police South Precinct

September 11, 2009

TriMet's fourth transit police precinct opens along the new MAX Green Line

On September 11, 2009, TriMet, Clackamas County officials and police agency partners opened the South Precinct, TriMet's fourth transit police precinct.

The facility is located at the southern terminus of the new MAX Green Line at the Clackamas Town Center Transit Center.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at South Precinct grand opening

Portland Police, TriMet and Clackamas County officials hold a ribbon cutting event to open the new South Precinct on September 11, 2009.

TriMet committed to creating a South Precinct in advance of opening the Green Line in its effort to increase security on the system. The precinct has five dedicated officers: three Portland Police officers, a sheriff and a deputy from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. These officers will focus their patrols along the Green Line south of the Gateway Transit Center. Transit police officers from Central Precinct will cover the Green Line when the dedicated officers are not on duty.

TriMet pays for all law enforcement officers assigned to the Transit Police Division. Nearly every law enforcement agency within the tri-county area participates in the division.

"This precinct along with the other security investments will make it safer and easier for our citizens to ride light rail," said Clackamas County Commissioner Bob Austin. "This also represents a successful partnership with TriMet, the Portland Police Bureau and Clackamas County Sheriff's Office working together to enhance security."

Construction details

Construction of the South Precinct began in May 2009 and was funded through federal stimulus dollars (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or ARRA). The 2,100-square-foot facility cost $560,000 to build, employed two dozen people that were either laid off or would have lost their job without this project, and supported another 70 jobs. The precinct includes office space and two plumbed holding cells.