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The Geometry of Transit

Thursday, October 13 at 6 p.m.

Jack London Bar

Downstairs at the Rialto Poolroom
529 SW 4th Ave., Portland
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This month, we’re excited to be joined by renowned transit consultant and blogger Jarrett Walker for a discussion on how the future of transportation depends, first and foremost, on urban design. The way we approach key transit choices, like whether to prioritize coverage over ridership or connections over complexity, can lead us to abundant access and greater personal freedom.

Join fellow transit fans for a drink and lively conversation, downstairs at the historic Rialto Poolroom.


Jarrett Walker
International public transit consultant
Human Transit

What is Transit on Tap?

Transit on Tap is a fun and informal talk series where expert presenters share everything transit-related, from service to history to sustainability. This is your chance to join the conversation, ask questions, or just kick back and listen — all in the company of fellow transit riders!

Each event is transit-accessible and free to attend — and also includes prizes and giveaways! However, you’ll be responsible for purchasing your food and beverages.

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