Transit on Tap

Design Week Portland:
Two Perspectives on Designing Transit

Monday, April 24

4–6 p.m.

Design Week PDX HQ at The Redd

831 SE Salmon St., Portland
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Over the 40 years of TriMet’s transit oriented urban design there has been an evolving approach to building the city that supports livable communities. We have used the process of design to ask the question: What do we want to become as a community?

Beginning with the opening of the Transit Mall in downtown Portland (1977), each subsequent project has sought to contribute to the community’s integration of environmental, social, human and economic goals in policies and activities. This presentation will provide a broad overview of the our transition as it learned to weave itself into the natural, economic, and human fabric of the adjacent neighborhoods. Along the way we learned, sometimes with difficulty, that transparency in its many forms is an essential principle to connecting people with their destinations. The MAX Orange Line light rail project in 2015 aspired to distinguish the alignment as a system within Portland, Milwaukie, and Clackamas County that became the city itself.


The first and last mile between departure and destination are critical to our transit system. Portland’s Green Loop project aspires to create rich and varied experiences for citizens to navigate throughout the city.

This presentation will look at several existing and emerging examples of how transit patrons are making their connections within, and throughout, the region. As they traverse the various scales of their community, they are encountering an emerging network of choices to fulfill their daily needs. A rich tapestry is revealing itself through our coordination with communities and public and private partners to build and support a robust active transportation system.


Bob Hastings
TriMet Agency Architect

Jeff Owen
Senior Planner, TriMet Planning & Policy


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What is Transit on Tap?

Transit on Tap is a fun and informal talk series where expert presenters share everything transit-related, from service to history to sustainability. This is your chance to join the conversation, ask questions, or just kick back and listen — all in the company of fellow transit riders!

Each event is transit-accessible and free to attend — and also includes prizes and giveaways! However, you’ll be responsible for purchasing your food and beverages.

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