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Poetry in Motion Program

Bringing poetry on board TriMet buses and trains

Since 1997, TriMet has partnered with the non-profit Literary Arts, Inc. to bring the work of local and national poets onto buses and trains, through the Poetry in Motion® program.

After a 3-year hiatus, Literary Arts added 8 new poems to the Poetry in Motion program for 2010. With about 325,000 trips taken on buses and MAX each day, the more than 1,600 Poetry in Motion cards reach a wide audience of people taking transit.

The 2010 poems are made possible through a partnership between TriMet, Lamar Advertising, the Poetry Society of America and several other supporters.

Poetry in Motion was developed by the Poetry Society of America and the MTA New York City Transit in 1992. Inspired by a similar program in the London Underground, Poetry in Motion places poems in the spaces usually reserved for advertisements in buses and trains. Since its founding, the program has expanded to 15 cities across the country, reaching an estimated 15 million people daily.

The poem as it appears on transit vehicles

“Sneaky Shoe“ by Talisha Jackson, Franklin High School