Your trip instructions

From S Huddleson & Palatine Hill

To S Riverside & Radcliffe

  1. 1

    Walk 1.2 miles to S Riverside & Radcliffe

    Elevation gain: 12.2 feet
    Elevation loss: -136.3 feet
    Elevation chart dynamic img (requires javascript)

    1. Depart from S Huddleson Ln
    2. Walk 98 feet east from S Huddleson Ln
    3. Turn left on Templeton Dr
    4. Walk 447 feet north on Templeton Dr
    5. Turn right on path
    6. Walk 271 feet northeast on path
    7. Turn hard right on S Frank Manor Dr
    8. Walk 121 feet east on S Frank Manor Dr
    9. Turn left on path
    10. Walk 258 feet northeast on path
    11. Turn right on path
    12. Walk 263 feet east on path
    13. Turn left on path
    14. Walk 855 feet north on path
    15. Turn left on parking aisle
    16. Walk 19 feet north on parking aisle
    17. Turn right on parking aisle
    18. Walk 179 feet east on parking aisle
    19. Turn left on River View Natural Area Trail
    20. Walk 1/2 mile northeast on River View Natural Area Trail
    21. Turn slightly left on path
    22. Walk 76 feet north on path
    23. Turn hard right on S Macadam Ave
    24. Walk 1/4 mile southeast on S Macadam Ave
    25. Continue 462 feet southeast on S Riverside Dr

    Map of starting point (300x288)

    Map of ending point (300x288)