Your trip instructions

From SW Sherwood & Sherwood Middle School

To SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd & Langer Farms

  1. 1

    Walk 3/4 mile to SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd & Langer Farms

    Elevation gain: 5.7 feet
    Elevation loss: -10.4 feet
    Elevation chart dynamic img (requires javascript)

    1. Depart from sidewalk
    2. Walk 247 feet north from sidewalk
    3. Turn right on service road
    4. Walk 317 feet east on service road
    5. Turn right on path
    6. Walk 858 feet east on path
    7. Turn left on Sherwood Middle School Trails
    8. Walk 130 feet north on Sherwood Middle School Trails
    9. Turn right on SW Baler Way
    10. Walk 1/4 mile east on SW Baler Way
    11. Turn right on SW Harvester Ln
    12. Walk 684 feet east on SW Harvester Ln
    13. Continue 39 feet east on path
    14. Turn left on sidewalk
    15. Walk 435 feet north on sidewalk
    16. Turn right on path
    17. Walk 69 feet east on path
    18. Turn left on bike path
    19. Walk 487 feet north on bike path
    20. Turn slightly right on sidewalk
    21. Walk 306 feet east on sidewalk

    Map of starting point (300x288)

    Map of ending point (300x288)