Your trip instructions

From Troutdale Library, Troutdale

To 2100 Block SW Halsey (Edgefield Manor)

  1. 1

    Walk 1.6 miles to 2100 Block SW Halsey (Edgefield Manor)

    Elevation gain: 18.8 feet
    Elevation loss: -80.4 feet
    Elevation chart dynamic img (requires javascript)

    1. Depart from service road
    2. Walk 473 feet west from service road
    3. Turn slightly right on path
    4. Walk 93 feet west on path
    5. Turn right on bike path
    6. Walk 1/2 mile north on bike path
    7. Turn right on Treehill Dr
    8. Walk 66 feet east on Treehill Dr
    9. Turn right on NE Treehill Dr
    10. Walk 1/4 mile south on NE Treehill Dr
    11. Continue 459 feet northeast on path
    12. Continue 226 feet north on NE Hawthorne Ave
    13. Turn right on Cedar Ln
    14. Walk 526 feet northeast on Cedar Ln
    15. Turn right on Maple Blvd
    16. Walk 652 feet northeast on Maple Blvd
    17. Turn right on Elm Ave
    18. Walk 159 feet east on Elm Ave
    19. Continue 57 feet east on bike path
    20. Turn left on parking aisle
    21. Walk 356 feet north on parking aisle
    22. Turn right on NE Halsey St
    23. Walk 422 feet east on NE Halsey St
    24. Continue 1/4 mile east on SW Halsey St

    Map of starting point (300x288)

    Map of ending point (300x288)