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Hollywood/NE 42nd Ave TC MAX Station, Westbound

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MAX Red Line to City Center & Beaverton Next arrivals

  • 5:22am
  • 5:52am
  • 6:22am
  • 6:52am
  • 7:21am
  • 7:52am
  • 8:22am
  • 8:37am
  • 8:52am
  • 9:07am
  • 9:22am
  • 9:37am
  • 9:52am
  • 10:07am
  • 10:22am
  • 10:37am
  • 10:52am
  • 11:07am
  • 11:22am
  • 11:37am
  • 11:52am
  • 12:07pm
  • 12:22pm
  • 12:37pm
  • 12:52pm
  • 1:07pm
  • 1:22pm
  • 1:37pm
  • 1:52pm
  • 2:07pm
  • 2:22pm
  • 2:37pm
  • 2:52pm
  • 3:07pm
  • 3:22pm
  • 3:37pm
  • 3:52pm
  • 4:07pm
  • 4:22pm
  • 4:37pm
  • 4:52pm
  • 5:07pm
  • 5:22pm
  • 5:37pm
  • 5:52pm
  • 6:07pm
  • 6:22pm
  • 6:37pm
  • 6:52pm
  • 7:07pm
  • 7:22pm
  • 7:37pm
  • 7:52pm
  • 8:07pm
  • 8:22pm
  • 8:52pm
  • 9:21pm
  • 9:51pm

MAX Blue, MAX Green, MAX Orange, MAX Red, MAX Yellow, Portland Streetcar - NS, Portland Streetcar - A Loop, Portland Streetcar - B Loop: Only use TriMet service for essential trips after 8 p.m. tonight in the City of Portland due to the curfew following violent demonstrations. MAX and bus lines may be disrupted and not serve stations and stops in Downtown Portland, after or before 8 p.m., if it becomes unsafe or police close the area. Portland Streetcar service will end at 8 p.m. Use caution at stops and stations that have been vandalized. As of Sunday, May 31, 2020 More

MAX Blue, MAX Green, MAX Orange, MAX Red, MAX Yellow: Due to COVID-19 service reductions, beginning Sunday, April 5th, on weekdays, trains will run every 15 minutes throughout most of the day. On weekends will run on Sunday schedule. For arrivals and trip planning, see: As of Thursday, April 2, 2020 More

MAX Red: Through August 1, PDX Shuttle Buses will serve the airport from Mt Hood MAX Station due to Port of Portland construction. Shuttles at the airport will pick up outside of baggage claim on the lower level, just outside from the TriMet kiosk. As of Friday, March 27, 2020 More

MAX Blue, MAX Red: The east elevators (zoo side) at Washington Park MAX Station are closed for improvements until early May. For access between platform and ground levels, use the west elevators (world forestry side). As of Sunday, November 3, 2019 More