November 2017

These stunning murals have transformed two of our oldest MAX stations.

New bus lines

New bus lines, better frequency and all-night service on some routes — those are just some of our proposals for the next couple years..

A tribute to the lives lost

We’re planning a tribute to the lives that were lost and those who will forever be affected by the assaults on MAX in May.

Bus Driver Cindy

Looking back on the last 41 years, you get the feeling there's nothing bus driver Cindy Kassab can't do — only things she hasn't done yet.


Three for the road:

» LA Metro’s new manners campaign is absolutely bonkers. We love it.
» Mapzen’s Will Geary created a mesmerizing video of every transit vehicle in the Portland area over the course of a day.
» One of the top neighborhoods in the country is right off Line 15 (though it's probably not the one that comes to mind).
TriMet logo
1800 SW 1st Ave., Suite 300, Portland, OR 97201

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