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TriMet's Stimulus-Funded Projects

Federal money for maintenance and infrastructure

ARRA emblem

In spring 2009, TriMet became eligible to receive $53.333 million in federal stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act(ARRA). This included $44.794 million in ARRA transit formula funds, plus $8.539 million in ARRA funds generously provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation, Metro and our regional partners. In summer 2010 TriMet was also provided $0.4 million in ARRA funds from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Federal guidelines required that this stimulus money be spent only on capital projects and infrastructure that will make the transit system more robust and put Oregonians to work. TriMet's 28 stimulus projects are estimated to have funded approximately 227,804 job hours and $13.5 million in payroll.

Under the ARRA stimulus program, the Federal Transit Administration also provided $32 million in New Starts funding to the South Corridor Project Phase I earlier than expected, saving approximately $750,000 in interim financing costs.