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Dirty Words Twitter Haiku Contest Winners

Illustration of dirty word: waste

5 words, 7 weekly finalists, 5 winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our "dirty words" haiku contest. We invited you to write haiku based on each dirty word TriMet is trying to eliminate from our civic vocabulary. Each of the five weekly winners received a 1-month Adult All-Zone TriMet pass. In addition, this summer, the winning haiku will be displayed on 400 TriMet buses.

And the winners are . . .

Greenhouse gas

Commuting alone?
Produces more greenhouse gas
Than riding TriMet!

—Joy Kovacs


Community sits
together for the bus ride
Fighting pollution!

—Nancy Haque



Traffic jam with toast
Waste of time, eats gas, hurts most
As MAX sails on by

—Dianne Riley


Yesterday's buses
Woefully inefficient
Today smooth and clean

—Sam Marvit


*cough cough* congestion
driving's out of the question!
TriMet's a blessin'!

—Amy Higdon


It's been a fun contest. See below for the other finalists in each category.

Greenhouse Gas

Biodiesel Fuel
Is how TriMet buses roll,
Make less greenhouse gas.

—Michael Davis

Reduce greenhouse gas
Ride a bus, streetcar, or MAX
Three choices! Let's go!

—Joe Wilson

My greenhouse gas mask
is a monthly TriMet pass –
a breath of fresh air!

—Corey Treacy

Greenhouse gas used to
pass frequently till TriMet
said away with thee.

—Spencer Williams

We commute by Max
To keep Portland beautiful
And purge greenhouse gas.

—Jim Hurley

Stop to smell a Rose
No Greenhouse Gas in the Park
TriMet Stop, not far

—Darryl Pang



"Pollution," she drawled,
"Is a nasty thing." She paused.
"Thank heavens for MAX."

—Carrina McNerney

mass transit commute
saves me from lots of headaches
curbs pollution too

—Melissa Lim

On buses and MAX
we fight stinky pollution.
Green super heroes!

—Karla Rogers

TriMet’s solution
for transit evolution
reduced pollution

—Sam Littlefield

Greener lifestyle hint
The pollution solution
is Portland TriMet!

—Marie Clapsaddle

Reduce pollution
Walk, bike, ride the bus or MAX
That's the solution.

—Jill Elliott



Drove to work today.
Should have taken the MAX train.
What a waste of gas.

—Jeff Mendon

Commuting today?
Driving alone is a waste.
Come hop on the bus!

—Shari Bandes

haste makes waste, take MAX
those of spirit walk the walks
more TriMet, less gas

—Daniel Lionberger

Follow TriMet’s lead
Reduce, reuse, recycle
And keep Portland green

—Cara Holman

One driver per car?
Stop fuel waste and ride TriMet
Bus, Rail or Streetcar!

—Dave LeBlanc

Why waste time and gas
By driving on the freeway?
Let TriMet take you!

—Jean Harkin



Fuming in traffic.
This inefficiency stinks.
Should've MAXed to work.

—Shawn Paul

lonely car driver could be
chatting on the bus

—Lisa Reeve

A car carries five.
With TriMet, hundreds can ride
from point A to B.

—Janene Kajitani

One person per car
reeks of inefficiency
so ride TriMet's MAX

—Sam Littlefield

Leave the car at home
Ride TriMet and save your cash
It only makes sense

—Cara Holman

Buses, MAX and WES
All fight inefficiency
Ride TriMet today

—Amy Brennan



Bumper to bumper,
Cars lurch along, hot, sloth-like.
TriMet sails on by.

—Janene Kajitani

Through the train window
I see the roads congested
And I stretch my legs

—Earl Dizon

Congestion question?
I have a smart suggestion:
TriMet connection!

—Clark Waggoner

If we use TriMet
Congestion would be no more
Ride WES, MAX or Bus

—Fran Liebman

What is congestion;
a heavy, stuffy, headache?
TriMet is best cure.

—Daniel Lionberger

Congestion question:
Why be stuck behind the wheel?
Ride hands-free on MAX!

—Cara Holman