Service Guidelines Framework

Our Service Guidelines Framework is intended to paint a clearer picture of how and when we make decisions that affect transit service. The Framework describes how we think about the demand for transit service in our community and make the best use of resources. We use these same guidelines to develop our Annual Service Plans, which typically include any major service change each fall and smaller service changes in the winter, spring and summer. By sharing our process, we also want to make it easier for riders and the public to engage in our service planning.


TriMet’s Board of Directors took action in December 2014 to set policy and strategic direction for TriMet’s service planning decisions by adopting a Service Guidelines Policy, which emphasizes five priority considerations to provide the framework for service planning decision-making: Equity, Demand, Productivity, Connections and Growth.  To implement the Board-adopted Service Guidelines Policy, the General Manager has approved a detailed Service Guidelines Framework document that describes the process, approaches and tools that staff will use in using the Board’s direction to develop Annual Service Plans.

A draft of this Framework was reviewed by TriMet’s Committee on Accessible Transportation and Transit Equity Advisory Committee.  Public comment was also solicited and reviewed, and all input was incorporated into the final version approved by the General Manager in January 2015.  Moving forward, TriMet is committed to seeking and incorporating new information to refine tools and analytic approaches that can help us better understand and act on the five priority considerations for service planning, as well as the other considerations as described in the Service Guidelines Framework.  As new tools and information become available, we will update the Framework as needed to most effectively address service planning considerations.