Accessibility Features on WES

These features can help you get around on WES

  • Ticket machines have instructions in audio, raised letter and Braille.
  • WES stations have Braille/raised-letter signs that indicate which lines serve the station and where they go.
  • Stations have digital displays that show you when the next train is scheduled to arrive.
  • Textured tiles at the station warn you when you are close to the platform edge. These tiles can be detected with your foot or a cane.
  • You can board WES directly from the boarding platform. There are no steps to climb. If you need assistance, there is a conductor on board who can help.
  • There are priority seating spaces inside near the door for people with limited mobility and people with disabilities.
  • Each WES car has spaces inside for two mobility devices. (No securement is necessary.)
  • An audio system on board announces the name of the next station.
  • Reader boards inside the train show the name of the next station.

Boarding with a mobility device

If you use a wheelchair or scooter, or have limited mobility, please read our instructions for boarding WES with a mobility device.

Service animals are welcome

Your service animal is welcome on WES. No permit is required, but the conductor may ask to confirm that your animal is a service animal. Learn more about bringing a service animal on TriMet

Travel training is available

Ride Connection, a non-profit community service organization, provides individual and group travel training for seniors and people with disabilities through their RideWise program. Learn more at