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WES Works! Fast, Friendly, Comfortable

WES gives riders more time, less stress

WES (short for Westside Express Service) gives commuters in Washington and Clackamas counties extra "WES Time" to spend however they like, instead of fighting traffic.

A survey of riders shows they really like the fast, comfortable trains, the friendly conductors and not having to drive. Here's what several have to say about riding WES.

Michael Goldsmith: Convenient

Michael lives in Lake Oswego and works at Intel at the Jones Farm campus in Hillsboro. He rides his bike to the Tualatin WES station and loads it on WES. After the rail portion of his commute, he hops back his bike and rides to Jones Farm. Michael says what he likes best about riding WES is the convenience, "I get to do what I want—I can read, catch up on email or watch TV shows I've downloaded to my PDA. I have a lot of free time I would have normally spent just snarling at the traffic." He encourages his wife and friends to give WES a try. He says, "Just get on WES and ride it. You'll be convinced by the convenience factor."

Kathy Figley: Relaxing

Kathy lives in Woodburn (where she serves as mayor) and works at Fidelity Title. She parks at the Wilsonville WES station and gets off at the Hall/Nimbus Station, which is only 100 feet from her office. She says, "I really love riding WES and the fact that you can do something productive during your commute. It's less stressful than driving, the seats are comfortable, the conductors are great and you can even see wildlife along the way. TriMet is easy to use and, by riding WES, you avoid the traffic on 217 and don't have to deal with the I-5 'merge from Hell.' Who wouldn't rather just be sitting there reading or texting or talking on the phone—or even taking a 20-minute nap? Before you know it, you're where you want to be." Kathy just finished crocheting a Valentine's Day centerpiece while riding WES. You certainly can't do that behind the wheel of a car!

Hollis Hull: Comfortable

Hollis lives in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of SW Portland and takes MAX and WES to work at SYSCO Food Service of Portland, located in Wilsonville. Comfort is his favorite part about riding WES. He says, "The seats are really nice with thick cushions—and they recline. I usually put on my headphones and take a nap." Riding WES instead of driving takes about the same time, but with WES, he arrives rested and relaxed.

WES can work for you, too

With comfortable seats and wireless Internet on board, riding WES is a faster and more relaxing way to travel. If you commute to or from Wilsonville, Tualatin, Tigard or Beaverton, give WES a try!