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MAX Improvements Project

MAX returns to regular service March 4, 2024
Updated completion date due to snow/ice storm

Gateway Transit Center will be closed to MAX for construction from January 14–March 3, 2024. MAX Blue and Green lines will be disrupted, and MAX Red Line will be suspended during that time.

The construction is part of our “A Better Red” MAX Red Line Extension and Reliability Improvements Project. We’ll also use the time to perform preventative maintenance within areas of the system closed to train traffic.

Better Red Disruption MAX system map


Disruption overview

Shuttle bus service

Shuttle buses will take surface roads, stopping at the closed stations along the MAX Blue, Green and Red line routes.

Better Red Disruption map - Portland Airport to Main St

MAX Green and Red Line Shuttles

  • MAX Green Line: Shuttle buses will travel between SE Main St and the Gateway Transit Center every 15 minutes.
  • MAX Red Line: At PDX, shuttle buses pick up and drop off from the same location, just outside the doors of the baggage claim area near the MAX platform. Follow the signs for “MAX Shuttle.”

Better Red Disruption map - 7th Ave to 102nd Ave

MAX Blue Line Shuttle

Shuttle buses will serve stations between NE 7th Ave and E 102nd Ave, departing every seven minutes. Connect to shuttle buses to PDX or SE Main St at the west side of Gateway Transit Center.

Gateway shuttle bus locations

MAX service disruptions

MAX Blue Line

MAX Blue Line will operate between Hatfield Government Center and NE 7th Ave, as well as E 102nd Ave and Cleveland Ave. Trains will arrive about every 15 minutes throughout most of the day.

MAX Green Line

MAX Green Line will operate between Clackamas Town Center and SE Main St. These will be single-car trains due to the shortened travel travel distance. They will arrive every 15 minutes.

MAX Red Line

MAX Red Line will not operate during the disruption.

For trips toward Portland International Airport, board a MAX Blue Line train, then take a shuttle bus to the Gateway Transit Center. At Gateway, exit and transfer to a shuttle bus to the airport. These shuttle buses will depart every 15 minutes.

Heads up

Shuttle buses running between PDX and Gateway may be crowded. Some riders may want to consider using other forms of transportation during the disruption. If you plan on taking MAX during the disruption, use our trip planning tools to help you reach your destination the fastest.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on this critical phase of our A Better Red project.

Making Transit Better

Among our largest undertakings in years, A Better Red project has been under construction since September 2021. This multi-year project, set to complete in summer 2024, will extend the MAX Red Line west to serve 10 more stations in Beaverton and Hillsboro. The project also improves schedule reliability for the entire MAX system by adding a second track near both Portland International Airport and Gateway Transit Center. At Gateway, two new bridges have been built for this second track, spanning I-84, the I-205 multi-use path and existing tracks.


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