Looking Ahead to Our Next Service Expansion

Here are the service improvements we’re proposing for the next year.

✔️ Shorter waits    ✔️ Extended service times    ✔️ A new bus line in Hillsboro

Once again, we have a full slate of improvements lined up for the coming year. Our main focus is on expanding bus service in growing neighborhoods, so that we can get you in and out — and on time. Here’s what we have proposed for fall 2020 and spring 2021.

We want to know what you think of this plan! Share your feedback with us online through November 30th or in person at one of our upcoming open houses.

Proposed bus service changes

New bus line

* East/west bus line from Willow Creek Transit Center to Downtown Hillsboro

Downtown Hillsboro and Aloha

We want to add a new bus line that will run between Willow Creek Transit Center and Downtown Hillsboro. It’ll run along Main St. and have buses come every 30 minutes on weekdays. Riders headed to PCC Rock Creek from Downtown Hillsboro can transfer to Line 47 to make their way north.

Line 47 proposed change and proposed new line

Shorter waits

16 Front Ave

Sauvie Island, St. Johns, Linnton, NW Industrial Area and City Center

We’d like to add buses during the weekday commute so that you’re spending less time waiting (and you'll have more space when you get on board). We also plan to add Sunday service, starting December 2019.

Extended Line and Upgraded Commute Service

47 Main/Evergreen

South Hillsboro, Orenco, Tanasbourne and Bethany

We want to extend Line 47 into South Hillsboro. Trips that normally turn west at Main St. would instead turn east and go down Cornelius Pass Rd. and end at Reed’s Crossing Town Center, south of Tualatin Valley Highway.

Riders heading into Downtown Hillsboro from Line 47 can transfer to the new bus line we want to run along Main St between Hillsboro and Willow Creek TC, or transfer to MAX at Orenco Station.

We also want to increase service on Line 47 so that buses come every 15 minutes during weekday commutes.

Line 47 proposed change and proposed new line

Evening service

87 Airport Way/181st

Parkrose, Argay Terrace, Wilkes, Rockwood, Centennial and North Gresham

We want to expand service for people who are out later on weekdays. Instead of ending at 6:30 p.m., Line 87 will run later into the evening.

Shorter waits

155 Sunnyside

Clackamas and Happy Valley

We’d like to add buses during the weekday commute so that you’re spending less time waiting (and you’ll have more space when you get on board).


What else is in the works?

Speeding up buses

We plan to introduce new bus lanes and transit priority signals in the next several years. These improvements should reduce travel times by keeping buses moving, even when traffic isn’t.

New bus stop amenities

We want to upgrade more of our highly used bus stops with new amenities like shelters, TransitTracker digital displays and concrete pads, which will make it easier for people in mobility devices to access the bus.

Improved security

Continuing the security upgrades we’ve been rolling out, we’re going to continue improving lighting and increasing the number of cameras at stops and stations.

A Pedestrian Plan

Every transit trip begins and ends with a walk (or roll). We want to improve that experience by working with partners to make pedestrian infrastructure — such as sidewalks and street crossings — safer and more accessible.



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Open houses

St. Johns

Tuesday, October 22
5–7 p.m.

St. Johns Community Center
8427 N. Central St.
Portland, OR 97203

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Happy Valley

Wednesday, October 23
5–7 p.m.

New Seasons
15861 SE Happy Valley Town Ctr.
Happy Valley, OR 97086

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Tuesday, October 29
5–7 p.m.

Washington Street Conference Center
102 SW Washington St.
Hillsboro, OR 97123

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Downtown Portland

Thursday, October 31
12–2 p.m.

Central Library
801 SW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

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