A Better Red extends MAX Red Line west to serve 10 more stations and improves schedule reliability for the entire MAX system.


Estimated project schedule

Federal Funding award
Gateway Construction
Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport Construction
Portland International Airport Construction
Westbound Red Line service begins at new Gateway North station
Red Line service begins at 10 more Beaverton and Hillsboro stations

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Some construction activities require MAX service interruptions, with shuttle buses replacing trains. Details will be provided in advance.

Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport MAX Station


Crews are working in the existing trackway, and building a new walkway and break facility for MAX operators.

Because much of the construction takes place in the trackway, certain activities are being performed at night, when there is little train traffic.

About one-third of the Park & Ride lot is closed for construction staging.

Current activities

Underground utility work is scheduled to begin next week in the western portion of the Veterans Memorial and under Veterans Drive.

Work in the Memorial area is scheduled between Monday, December 5, and Wednesday, December 14. The contractor is scheduled to restore any bricks and walkways that are disturbed during this time. They will return in the spring to restore any disturbed landscaping during warmer weather.

To allow for utility work under Veterans Drive, the eastbound lane between the roundabout and the Wingspan driveway is scheduled to be temporarily closed December 7 through 9, 2022, 7 am to 7 pm. The road will be reopened to vehicle traffic each evening. Vehicle detour signs will be placed along NE 28th Avenue, NE Cornell Drive, NE 34th Avenue and the roundabout. Local access will be maintained between 28th Avenue and the Wingspan Event & Conference Center driveway during this work.




Crews are building a new track crossing, Red Line station platform, multi-use path and two new bridges:

  • Spanning existing MAX track and I-205 Multi-Use Path adjacent to Gateway Green Park.
  • Spanning I-84 and Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

Because construction is near highways and MAX tracks, some work takes place at night, when there is less traffic and fewer trains. Bridge construction also includes daytime pile driving and some detours for people walking and rolling.

Two public areas are closed for construction staging:

  • The surface Park & Ride adjacent to the garage
  • The southern end of Gateway Green Park

Current activities

Night work

Crews are working along the MAX trackway adjacent to Gateway Green and Gateway Transit Center. The night work includes drilling, vacuum equipment, concrete pumping, rail cutting and welding.

I-205 MUP

A temporary asphalt detour path near the south entrance of Gateway Green will remain in place through construction in 2024.

Gateway Transit Center Garage

Reduction of TriMet customer parking on the first floor of the garage.

Vehicle traffic reduced to one lane on Providence Medical Clinic Street. Please access the parking garage via NE Multnomah Street.

Gateway Green

The south end of the park is closed for construction through late 2024.

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Portland International Airport (PDX)


Crews are constructing a new station platform at PDX and new track adjacent to the existing track, along with a new multi-use path between the MAX station and NE 82nd Avenue.

Current activities

Construction along Air Cargo Rd is being performed in multiple phases. Crews are repositioning the roadway. During this week, the following work is to be done:

  • Demolish and rebuild a re-aligned Air Cargo Road.
  • Traffic flagging Airport Way crossing on to Air Cargo Rd. This crossing may be closed intermittently but will have access for emergency vehicles at all times.



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