Call for Artists for Bus Wrap Designs

We’re creating another series of bus wraps for 2024 highlighting the diversity and creativity of local artists.

TriMet invites local visual artists, graphic designers and illustrators to submit their qualifications to design artwork for one or more of the 2024 Celebrating Diversity Bus Wrap Designs. The bus wrap designs will celebrate eight (8) special observances that recognize history, heritage and identity-recognition months. Designs will be converted into a vinyl bus wrap, which will be applied to a TriMet bus and the beginning of the special observance month. Selected artists will be paid a total of $4,000 for their approved design; there is no fee to apply. The deadline to apply is 9 a.m. PST, Wednesday, November 15, 2023. Please do not submit design proposals.

TriMet bus displaying AAPI History Month bus wrap Sample bus wrap


TriMet celebrates federally-recognized history, heritage and identity-recognition months with custom-designed bus wraps. TriMet acknowledges these months as opportunities for all community members to learn more about the traditions, history, contributions and experiences of those who have been historically marginalized. The celebration of these legacies need not be limited to the calendar month and each bus with a Celebrating Diversity Bus Wrap will circulate throughout the service district for a year

2024 Celebrating Diversity Bus Wrap Month and Special Observance:

  1. February – Black History
  2. March – Women’s History
  3. May – Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage
  4. June – LGBTQ+ Pride
  5. July – Disability Pride
  6. September – Hispanic Heritage
  7. November – Native American Heritage
  8. November – Veterans and Military Families

TriMet’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) will be more involved in this coming year’s bus wrap designs than they have been in the past. ERGs are employee-led, self-directed, voluntary groups open to all TriMet employees with the goal of creating a sense of community and belonging in the workplace. ERGs are typically formed around a protected class, such as race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or veteran status. By addressing historical barriers to an equitable and inclusive work environment, the ERGs are an important tool for increasing a sense of belonging in the workplace.

TriMet bus displaying Women’s History Month bus wrap Sample bus wrap

Celebrating Diversity Bus Wrap Designs

Design Goals

The overarching theme for the bus wrap designs is “All Are Welcome”. The selected artist for each special observance month will create artwork with the goals of further elaborating on that theme and helping to raise awareness, increase cross-cultural understanding and build connections.

The selected artists will also receive a statement of values and goals from each of TriMet’s representative Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to aid in their design process.

The artist’s design should take the primary audience, transit patrons and the site, a moving vehicle, into account. It is preferable that a different, but related design is created for each side of the bus. In addition, the color of the “All Are Welcome” banner can be altered to coordinate with artist’s design


Creative individuals living in TriMet’s service district (including Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties) are eligible to apply, including but not limited to visual artists, graphic designers and illustrators. Applicants need not be a member of the community of the group propose to represent. People who live outside of the Portland metro area and demonstrate a connection to indigenous cultures of the Portland region may request an exception. A single artist must represent those applying as an artist team. Technical support will be available to ensure quality production outcomes. The selected artist must be able to meet deadlines and complete the project on time and within budget.

TriMet is committed to engaging diverse communities and expanding the range of artistic and cultural expression represented in the region. Emerging artists and artists who identify with a historically marginalized culture are strongly encouraged to apply.


The design fee is $4,000; consisting of a $500 concept proposal fee and $3,500 upon final design approval. The budget covers all project expenses including artist fees, materials and labor. Payments may be made by check or preferably via digital transfer.

Selection Criteria

TriMet’s Bus Wrap Review Committee, a diverse group of TriMet employees, that including representatives from TriMet’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), will select the artists to design the 2024 Celebrating Diversity Bus Wraps.

The committee will review submissions and evaluate artists based on qualifications, including:

  • Statement of interest, including a clear, demonstrable connection to the subject matter and how that will be meaningfully reflected in the artwork (45%)
  • Aesthetic integrity of submitted past work; large format experience is preferred (45%)
  • Demonstrated ability to complete the work on time and on budget (10%)

Selection Process

The committee will review artists’ applications and may choose up to eight artists or artist teams. The committee is not required to select an individual from among the submitting artists, and reserves the right to solicit proposals from artists who do not submit, if appropriate.

Application Requirements

The application must be submitted as a single PDF document not to exceed seven (7) pages. Each page of the document should include the page number and applicant’s name, with materials presented in the following order:

Page 1: Written statement of interest

  • Subject Line: specify which month you are applying for in a subject line before the statement.
  • In the statement, explain why this project is of interest and how it connects to your lived experience, vision or point of view and your connection to the community you are applying to represent.
  • Please also describe a potential aesthetic and conceptual approach to the project. Address your ability to collaborate with others and complete the work on time and on budget.

Pages 2–6: Images

Up to 10 images of original artwork with the following information under each visual: title, medium, year and budget. DO NOT SUBMIT A PROJECT PROPOSAL.

Page 7: Résumé/references

1-page résumé or bio with contact information, address, website and social media links. It should outline relevant accomplishments or experience and must include two professional references with their names, affiliated organizations, email addresses and phone numbers.


Please submit additional applications if you are submitting qualifications for more than one month; specify the order of your preferred month(s).

All qualifying applications will be added to a directory or pool of artists and kept on file for three (3) years.

To apply, register on TriMet’s file drop system at; once registered, email the application to via the file-drop system by 9 a.m., Wednesday, November 15, 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.


Register for Filedrop and submit application

Scope of Work

TriMet will provide the detailed design specification and template file for the artwork layout on the bus to the selected artists. Selected artists will then develop and submit the following materials per the project schedule provided upon selection:

Concept Proposal including:

  • A paragraph about the artistic intent and description of the artwork
  • An image of the original artwork and
  • A mockup of the original artwork fit within the template’s designated spaces

Final Design that addresses committee feedback including:

  • A final description of the artistic intent and description and
  • A high-resolution image of the final artwork on the production template

Artist Selection Schedule

Applications due: November 15, 2023 at 9 a.m.

Artist notification: November 22, 2023

Selected artists will receive a schedule of due dates upon notification.

The schedule is subject to change


For questions, please email or contact Michelle Traver, Public Art Administrator at 503-314-1579.

Civil Rights and Nondiscrimination

TriMet respects the civil rights of all the people we serve. We operate our programs without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability, in accordance with applicable law.

TriMet bus displaying LGBTQI+ Pride Month bus wrap Sample bus wrap