Ticket Exchanges

Exchanging Paper and Mobile Tickets for Hop Credit

The deadline to exchange paper fares and Tickets App tickets was December 31, 2019. Make the switch to Hop Fastpass® to ride TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar.

Foil-stamped paper fares and TriMet Tickets App tickets are no longer accepted as valid fare as of January 1, 2020.

What type of tickets can be exchanged?

Paper tickets and passes

Unvalidated, foil-stamped Adult, Youth and Honored Citizen 2½-Hour Tickets and 1-Day Passes can be exchanged for a free Hop card loaded with an equivalent value. Pre-validated paper passes (1-Month Passes and 7-, 14- and 30-Day passes) are not eligible for exchange.


Mobile tickets purchased in the TriMet Tickets app

We also accept unvalidated 2½-Hour, 1-Day, 7-Day, 14-Day and 30-Day mobile tickets purchased on the TriMet Tickets app. We'll give you a free Hop card loaded with an equivalent value.

How do I exchange my tickets for Hop credit?

In person at the TriMet Ticket Office
Paper tickets and mobile tickets

Located in Pioneer Courthouse Square
701 SW 6th Ave., Portland
Open Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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By mail
Paper tickets only

Mail the completed form below to:
Ticket Exchange
TriMet Ticket Office
701 SW 6th Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

Mail-in form

Please allow up to two weeks to receive your credit.

Common questions

Is there a fee?

Nope! We’ll waive the standard $3 fee for a new Hop card.


What if I already have a Hop card?

If you already have a Hop card or a virtual Hop card, we can credit your existing account.


Can I exchange Streetcar or C-TRAN tickets?

No, only TriMet fares can be exchanged.


My organization stocks paper tickets. Can we exchange them?

Organizations interested in exchanging fares should send a note to hopoutreach@trimet.org.