Heat Advisory

Heat Advisory

Updated: 10:05am, Fri. Jun. 24, 2022

With hot weather in the forecast, be sure to stay hydrated, plan ahead and check trimet.org before you go. All MAX lines slow to no faster than 35 mph in 100+ heat.

Forward Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people travel, so we’re evaluating our plans to move forward together.

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We’re taking a deep look at our existing bus service and whether it is best serving our community. We’re exploring things like:

  • Where are buses running now and where should they run?
  • Are riders traveling more between suburbs rather than in and out of Downtown Portland?
  • Should we put more buses where people ride the most or should we spread out the buses to serve more neighborhoods?

Do you have questions or comments? Contact us online or call 503-238-7433.