How to Ride WES

TriMet’s WES (Westside Express Service) Commuter Rail connects Wilsonville, Tualatin, Tigard and Beaverton. Trains run every 30 minutes during the weekday morning and evening rush hour.

Riders deboarding WES
  1. Unlike the bus, there are no fareboxes on WES. You must have a valid ticket, pass or bus transfer receipt before boarding WES. You can buy a ticket from the vending machine at the WES station (debit/credit cards only), or from most local grocery stores.
  2. Signs at the station indicate where to wait and when the next train is due. A sign on the front of each train shows where it’s going.
  3. Stay well behind the white bumpy tiles and wait for WES to come to a complete stop. (Careful! There’s a 4-foot drop to the tracks below.)
  4. The doors will open automatically and you can board the train. Use caution, as there’s a 2-inch gap at the door.
  5. Be prepared to show the conductor your fare. He/she may check your fare as you board, or after the train leaves the station.
  6. WES stops at every station, so you don’t need to signal the operator to get on or off. The station name is announced before each stop and appears on a reader board overhead.
  7. When you’re ready to get off, gather your stuff and exit the train.

Riding with Hop?

Tap every time you board — even if you’ve already earned a Day or Month pass.

See how to tap with:
Plastic Hop cardPhonePaper Hop TicketCredit/Debit Card

For your safety

  • Look Both WaysStop, look and listen before crossing the WES tracks. Trains may be running on any track, at any time, in either direction.
  • Never walk or bike on or near the tracks, or ride your bike on the boarding platform.
  • Railroad tracks are private property. It is illegal and dangerous to trespass. If you trespass, it may cost you up to $6,250 and a year in prison.
  • Follow all traffic signs and signals that warn when a train is approaching.
  • Don’t be tempted to try to beat a train. A WES train traveling at 60 miles per hour takes half a mile to stop. (That’s 9 football fields!)
  • Keep your kids close to make sure you don’t get separated.
  • If you see suspicious behavior or a suspicious package, or if there is an emergency or unsafe situation on board, tell a TriMet employee or call 9-1-1. More

Travel tips

  • WES has free wireless internet access on board. Connect to either the “WES1” or “WES2” network.
  • Free 24-hour parking is available for riders and carpoolers at four WES stations.
  • Ticket machines at WES stations accept debit and credit cards only.
  • Call 503-238-RIDE for WES arrival information from TransitTracker™.
  • WES connects with CAT in Canby, Cherriots in Salem, and SMART in Wilsonville.

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