TriMet LIFT Grocery Delivery

Get your groceries and essential goods delivered

Starting Monday, April 20, 2020, current LIFT-eligible customers can get orders from grocery stores or food banks delivered to their front door by LIFT.

To use this service, place an order to be picked up with an eligible grocery store or food bank. Once the order has been placed, and a pickup time scheduled, please call LIFT Reservations at 503-962-8000 and book a trip to pick up the groceries at the pick up time.

Please read the FAQs for important details and further instructions for delivery.


Participating Stores and Food Banks



What times is this service available?

8am–8pm, seven days a week.

Do I have to pay for delivery?

TriMet LIFT is not charging for the delivery of your packages. You do need to pay the store for your groceries prior to arranging a pickup with LIFT.

What grocery stores will you deliver from?

For a store to be eligible, groceries must be able to be…

  • Picked up from a commercial location within the ADA Boundary of the TriMet Service District
  • Picked up from the grocery store parking lot (no going inside a building)
  • Delivered to an address within the TriMet ADA Service area.

Will you deliver from food banks?

Yes. Follow the food bank links above to find the food bank/food pantry nearest to you.

Can I choose any valid grocery store?

Please select the store or food bank nearest to you. This allows us to transport each customer’s goods in a timely manner. It’s important to remember the further away the store, the longer your groceries will be on-board the vehicle.

Should I select “Pick Up” or “Delivery” when placing my order on the grocery store website?

Select the option to pick up your order on the grocery store website. LIFT will pick up your groceries from the store and deliver them to you.

What information do I need to provide LIFT when setting up a delivery?

You must provide LIFT reservations staff with the scheduled date and time for pick-up, order number (if available), the address of the grocer or food bank, and your address.

Can I order frozen food or other perishables?

Please do not order frozen food. Deliveries will be similar to passenger transit. If you order perishable items (milk, eggs, etc.), know that they may be on-board the vehicle for over an hour.

Can I receive a delivery if I’m not home?

We cannot leave groceries on the front door if nobody is home to receive them. You will receive a reminder call that your groceries are on the way. LIFT Dispatch will call you when your driver is at your location and confirm who is receiving it.

Will the operator bring the groceries into my home?

No. LIFT operators will deliver all grocery bags to your front door, ring the doorbell, then step back at least six feet. LIFT Operators cannot step inside a customer home. Please stay at least six feet from the operator at all times.

Will you pick up from pet stores?

Yes. This service includes groceries and essential household items, including food and supplies for pets and service animals. Pet stores must be able to bring orders out to the LIFT vehicle.

Is there a limit on the weight or number of grocery bags?

There is no limit on the number or weight of grocery bags. This service is intended for groceries and other essential items. LIFT will not deliver oversized items such as TV’s or furniture.

Are you able to pick up my prescription?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pick up prescriptions. Most pharmacies offer the option to have your prescriptions mailed directly to your home. Check your pharmacy’s web page or call them directly for instructions.

What if my apartment is not on the ground floor?

A LIFT dispatcher will call you when your vehicle has arrived. Please keep your phone close and an eye out for your LIFT vehicle around the time your groceries are scheduled to arrive so you can collect the groceries at the door of your building.

I’m not currently a LIFT customer, but I used to be. Can I still get my groceries delivered?

Unfortunately, grocery delivery is only available to currently eligible LIFT customers. If you would like to learn more about how to become a LIFT customer, visit our eligibility page.

What if I am not given an order number when I place my grocery order?

Most food banks don't provide order numbers. If you don’t have a number, we will use your name. If using your name, it is essential that you confirm with LIFT that we have your correct name on file and that your grocery order was placed in that name.

Not all of my groceries will be ready at the same time. What should I do?

We know some stores, like Walmart, split orders as goods become available. We’re happy to make multiple deliveries for one order, however we’ll make a maximum of one delivery per day.

My store requires a call upon arrival to pick up the package. Can you accommodate that?

Yes. If a store requires a call to pick up an order, the driver will contact dispatch when they arrive at the store. Please let us know if your store requires an advanced call, and the phone number to call, when you schedule your grocery pick-up with LIFT.

Some of the items I ordered were not in the bags I received. What do I do?

LIFT is not responsible for checking the order when it is picked up from the store. Often, some items on your order may not have been available at the store. Check your receipt to see if you were charged for the items. If you were charged, follow up with the store or ordering service.

Can I use my EBT benefits for this service?

Unfortunately, LIFT cannot deliver EBT orders. The EBT program requires the customer to present their card for the transaction.


For more information:

If you have any further questions about the service, please contact LIFT:

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Call 503-962-8000, Option 4
TTY: 711